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Empowering Wellness at GRO Community through YuMuuv

GRO Community enhanced staff wellness through YuMuuv’s challenge platform, boosting engagement and self-care among their clinicians. This initiative demonstrates the critical role of employee wellness in high-stress environments like mental health services.
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Empowering GAC North America Employee Wellness Through Innovative Challenges

The YuMuuv-GAC North America partnership leveraged engaging wellness challenges to enhance employee health and community spirit across GAC’s diverse sectors. Through strategic initiatives like walking and water intake challenges, the collaboration has fostered a culture of well-being, demonstrated by substantial improvements in employee health and engagement.

Earn $100 for Every Referral Who Joins

Refer new clients to YuMuuv and receive a €100 Amazon gift card for each that signs up and conducts their first challenge, provided they have no previous client relationship with YuMuuv. New challenges will feature exclusive draw prizes for participants, boosting initial engagement.
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Chamberlain’s Nationwide Wellness Initiative with YuMuuv

Chamberlain partnered with YuMuuv to launch the "Wellness Warriors" challenge, significantly boosting wellness engagement among its remote employees. This case study delves into the strategic implementation and impressive outcomes of the initiative, demonstrating the profound impact of tailored wellness programs on remote team cohesion and health.
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Building Community Through Fitness at Graphite Financial

Graphite Financial leveraged YuMuuv's fitness challenges to strengthen community bonds within its globally dispersed team, fostering wellness and cross-cultural exchanges. This case study highlights the successful integration of health initiatives in a remote work environment, resulting in improved employee engagement and collaborative spirit.
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Jump Start Challenge at Bidfood UK

Bidfood UK's "Jump Start January" wellness challenge, implemented through YuMuuv, successfully promoted inclusive physical activity, improving employee health and enhancing team dynamics across various company roles. By segmenting challenges by fitness level and incorporating team activities, the initiative not only boosted physical activity but also fostered a supportive community, setting a healthy tone for the year ahead.
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Revolutionizing Employee Wellness at Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S

Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S successfully integrated the YuMuuv wellness app, achieving increased employee engagement and improved health outcomes despite operational challenges of a 24/7 monitoring environment. This strategic implementation fostered a sustainable, health-conscious work culture through adaptive, gamified wellness challenges and feedback-driven enhancements.

Everything You Need to Know About YuMuuv’s Point System

Dive into the world of YuMuuv's point system, a game-changing feature designed to enhance wellness engagement by motivating users with rewards for healthy activities. Explore how this intuitive system tracks progress, fosters competition, and supports a community dedicated to achieving their health goals together.
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Mealtime Mindfulness: Nourishing Body and Mind

This article delves into the transformative practice of engaging fully with the experience of eating, enhancing health and deepening our relationship with food. It offers strategies for incorporating mindfulness into mealtime, promoting physical well-being and emotional satisfaction.

Morning Momentum: Mastering the Art of Early Exercise

This guide delves into the benefits of integrating exercise into your morning routine, highlighting how it can improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being, with YuMuuv's platform enhancing this journey through personalized challenges and a supportive community. It provides practical strategies for making morning workouts a consistent habit, fostering a positive start to the day enriched by a sense of accomplishment and collective motivation.
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Striking the Balance: Motivating Without Overwhelming in Employee Wellness

Striking the Balance: Motivating Without Overwhelming in Employee Wellness" showcases how YuMuuv's innovative platform enables companies to implement customizable and engaging wellness challenges that inspire employees without causing burnout. Through real-world success stories, the article highlights YuMuuv's role in fostering a culture of health that is both inclusive and effective, demonstrating the platform's capability to tailor wellness initiatives to diverse organizational needs.

Leveraging Challenges to Cultivate Healthier and Happier Workplaces

Incorporating challenges in the workplace, such as step competitions and mindfulness exercises, not only improves employees' physical health and mental well-being but also boosts engagement, teamwork, and productivity. By setting clear goals, offering inclusive activities, and providing support and rewards, organizations can foster a positive work environment where employees thrive both personally and professionally.

Blossoming Wellness: 10 Innovative Employee Health Initiatives for Spring 2024

This piece outlines a series of engaging wellness activities optimized for YuMuuv, the leading wellness challenge app. Focusing on both physical and mental health, these initiatives range from outdoor fitness challenges to daily mindfulness breaks, all designed to enhance employee well-being and foster a culture of health in the workplace. Leveraging YuMuuv's tracking and social features, the article demonstrates how companies can effectively implement and monitor these wellness programs, ensuring active participation and a vibrant, supportive community of wellness advocates.

Spring Wave Prep: Priming Your Wellness Initiatives for Seasonal Success

This piece delves into effective methods for refreshing employee wellness initiatives with the arrival of spring, highlighting the integration of seasonal challenges and technology to foster engagement and participation. It offers insights on leveraging the season's natural momentum for renewal and growth, proposing innovative wellness challenges, and utilizing data-driven approaches for continuous program improvement, all aimed at promoting a healthier, more vibrant workplace environment.
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YuMuuv and Utilitas: Pioneering Wellness Through Charity Challenges

Utilitas, Estonia's leading renewable energy producer, partnered with YuMuuv to launch a wellness initiative, significantly enhancing employee health and community engagement through challenges like the inclusive Walking Challenge. This collaboration led to marked improvements in employee well-being, increased physical activity, and strengthened team bonds, demonstrating the multifaceted benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Automating Wellness: Advanced Data Sync for Training and Activities

YuMuuv is expanding its automated tracking capabilities to include a wider range of physical activities and is working towards integrating mindfulness and sleep data for comprehensive wellness monitoring. The platform is also set to update its points system and health score, enhancing user experience with upcoming integrations like Health Connect.

How to Ensure Employee Wellness in Remote Work in 2024

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of employee wellness programs, which now need to encompass mental, physical, emotional, and social aspects to support the growing trend of remote work. Businesses in 2024 are focusing on comprehensive wellness strategies, utilizing technology and personalizing health initiatives, to maintain productivity and employee retention in a changing work environment.

Employee Wellness Plan 2024

YuMuuv introduces a comprehensive employee wellness plan designed to promote holistic well-being. This plan includes monthly challenges that encompass physical fitness, mental well-being, emotional resilience, sleep quality, and nutritional awareness. The goal is to empower employees to be their best selves, both at work and in life, by fostering a healthy and vibrant workforce. Research shows that a healthy workforce is more productive and happier, and this initiative aims to make wellness a lifestyle.

24 Essential Tips for Employee Wellness in 2024

In summary, the 24 essential tips for employee wellness in 2024 provide a comprehensive blueprint for fostering a healthy, balanced, and productive workplace. From prioritizing mental health and flexible working arrangements to promoting financial wellness and regular feedback, these tips cover a broad spectrum of wellness aspects. Implementing these strategies will not only enhance employee well-being but also drive organizational success, reflecting the evolving landscape of employee wellness in the modern workplace.

Minimizing Holiday Stress: How Employers Can Make a Difference

Employers play a critical role in stress management by fostering supportive work environments and encouraging time off and regular breaks during the holiday season. Additionally, implementing wellness programs and maintaining open communication and feedback are key strategies for managing workplace stress effectively.
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Energizing ERR with the YuMuuv Step Challenge

ERR, Estonia's public broadcasting organization, embarked on a transformative wellness journey with the YuMuuv Employee Wellness Challenge, led by passionate advocates rather than dedicated wellness specialists. This initiative fostered a culture of health and camaraderie, with participants not only exceeding one million steps but also receiving special recognition for their dedication.
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Unlocking Activity: Ramirent's Successful Employee Activation

Ramirent Baltic AS's adoption of the YuMuuv employee wellness challenge not only boosted physical activity among its employees during the dark and rainy season but also fostered a sense of teamwork and competition, resulting in a transformative impact on workplace culture and personal health improvements, exemplifying the power of prioritizing employee well-being.
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MOVEmber Momentum: A Focus on Movement (and Men's Health)

In the age of digital technology, the MOVEmber campaign finds a powerful ally to promote men's health and encourage physical activity. The article delves into the synergies between wellness apps, virtual communities, and data analytics, highlighting how platforms like YuMuuv contribute to sustaining the momentum beyond November.
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Navigating November with Neuroscience: A 5-Step Guide to Well-Being

Explore science-backed strategies to improve both your physical and mental health during the often dreary and challenging month of November. From optimizing your sleep-wake cycle to adopting intermittent fasting, this comprehensive guide draws on the expertise of leading neuroscientists to help you stay healthy and vibrant as winter approaches.
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The Role of Rewards: Insights into Prize Preferences from YuMuuv’s Wellness Survey

YuMuuv’s recent survey on wellness challenges is emphasizing the participant's inclinations towards the quality and variety of prizes, and their effect on engagement levels. It further sheds light on administrative aspects such as time investment in prize management and potential avenues for support, laying a roadmap for an optimized, YuMuuv-guided approach to wellness initiatives focused on rewarding experiences.
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Turn October Pink: Spearheading a Wellness Challenge in Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

This October 2023, YuMuuv unveils a landmark initiative that marries corporate wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month through a dynamic range of activities centered around education, communal sharing, and physical health. Companies worldwide are encouraged to engage actively, creating nurturing environments where empathy and awareness flourish, promoting not only physical well-being but a culture grounded in mutual respect and understanding.
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Case Study: Enhancing Employee Wellness at Rush Street Interactive through YuMuuv

Rush Street Interactive partnered with YuMuuv to revolutionize its corporate wellness landscape, fostering a community-driven approach to employee well-being through tailored challenges and initiatives. This symbiotic relationship has cultivated a vibrant, inclusive, and healthy work environment, promoting not only physical health but also enriching the emotional quotient and camaraderie among the team members.
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Case Study: YuMuuv and UPL OpenAg’s Leap into Wellness

The "Leap into Wellness" initiative, a collaboration between UPL OpenAg and YuMuuv, is fostering both individual and community wellness, illustrated by a promising 24.29% participation rate in its early phase. Leaders Nileka and Jakob share a vision of expanded horizons through integrated wellness approaches, aiming for real-world impact through the promotion of healthy habits and a cooperative work environment, leveraging the YuMuuv app's potential.

Budget-Friendly Boost: 100 Branded Merchandise Ideas Under 30$ to Enhance Wellness Challenges

Employee well-being is vital in today's corporate world, and creative wellness challenges are key to achieving this goal. Our guide explores 100 unique and affordable company-branded merchandise options under 30$, each thoughtfully chosen to resonate with diverse teams and align with wellness initiatives. From kitchen gadgets to fitness accessories, these items not only promote healthy habits but foster a thriving community within the workplace. Dive in to discover how these innovative products can turn ordinary wellness challenges into extraordinary experiences without breaking the bank.

Boosting Employee Engagement with Branded Merch in Wellness Challenges

The use of company-branded merchandise in employee wellness initiatives offers multifaceted benefits that reach beyond physical well-being. From strengthening team unity to promoting healthy competition, creating long-term connections, reducing turnover, and crafting shared experiences, the strategy serves as a powerful tool in engaging employees and building a cohesive, thriving workplace.
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Top 100 Most Active Companies - July 2023

July's Top 100 Active Companies spotlighted remarkable dedication toward employee wellness challenges. This list encapsulated a wide spectrum of industries, underscoring that wellness is not confined to any particular sector or size. Although these companies are but a fraction of those leveraging YuMuuv, they exemplify the significant strides organizations can take in prioritizing wellness, and the subsequent benefits it brings in terms of employee health and output.

August Actions: Unplugging for a More Balanced Life

In the modern digital age, August presents an opportunity to unplug from screens and foster genuine connections with the world, leading to improved mental and physical well-being. Through strategies like tech-free zones, notification diets, and embracing slow living, individuals can achieve a more balanced life and enjoy the therapeutic effects of reconnecting with nature and loved ones.

Wellness Countdown: Maximize the Last Days of Summer with YuMuuv

YuMuuv offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, ensuring you make the most of the last days of summer through outdoor activities, hydration, social connections, sleep, and nutrition. Dive deeper into benefits like adopting new hobbies, immersing yourself in nature, leveraging sunlight, engaging in meditation, and smartly transitioning into the next season for continuous well-being.
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Don’t Wait for Fall: Establishing Bedtime Rituals for Quality Rest

Quality rest is vital year-round, not just during the cozy fall months. By understanding the science of sleep, establishing effective bedtime rituals, creating an ideal sleep environment, and engaging in initiatives like the YuMuuv sleep challenge, individuals can significantly improve their sleep quality and overall well-being.
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Transitioning From Summer to Fall - YuMuuv’s Tips for HR

As the transition from summer to fall brings about changes in the environment, businesses must adapt by focusing on employee well-being, setting clear objectives, fostering continuous learning, and ensuring robust feedback mechanisms. Leveraging platforms like YuMuuv can aid HR teams in navigating these shifts, ensuring a harmonious blend of well-being, engagement, and growth.
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Can Peer Support Help Employees Quit Cigarettes?

Smoking negatively impacts workplace productivity, with smoke breaks costing an estimated $3,077 annually in lost productivity and smokers taking more sick leaves compared to non-smokers. Peer support and social networks, including digital apps and wellness platforms, can help employees quit smoking by providing accountability and motivation. Additionally, employers can invest in alternative products like nicotine replacement therapy and nicotine pouches to support employees in reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
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How to Beat the Afternoon Slump: Summer Edition

This blog article explores the science behind the afternoon slump during the summer season and provides effective strategies to enhance employee wellness and overcome the dip in productivity. By implementing morning routines, making mindful lunch choices, staying hydrated, taking breaks in natural light, incorporating power napping and energizing snacks, stimulating the mind, and promoting workplace wellness programs, companies can support their employees in maintaining optimal energy levels and productivity throughout the day.

Unveiling the Power of Vacation Goals

Embark on a journey into the world of vacation goals and employee wellness as we delve into their transformative potential, highlighting the profound impact they have on well-being and work-life balance. Discover a range of captivating wellness challenges that ignite motivation, foster personal growth, and unlock a holistic sense of fulfillment for employees.
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Summer Fitness Trends to Try This Year

This blog article explores the top summer fitness trends tailored for employees looking to prioritize their wellness. From outdoor group workouts and high-intensity interval training to mindful movement and virtual fitness experiences, these trends offer opportunities to boost physical fitness, mental clarity, and overall well-being during the summer season.

The Role of Nutrition in Workplace Performance

An eye-opening article that sheds light on the influence of nutrition on professional success. It explores how making smart food choices can boost brain power, sustain energy levels, uplift mood, and improve hydration. By prioritizing nutrition, individuals can unlock their full potential, perform better at work, and achieve greater productivity.

Running Challenges for Summer Vacationers

We explore running challenges specifically designed for summer vacationers to help them stay on track with their wellness goals. From participating in virtual races and embracing destination runs to capturing the magic of sunrise and sunset, incorporating staircase challenges, and engaging in buddy challenges, these ideas offer exciting ways to combine fitness and vacation experiences while promoting employee well-being.
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Summer Wellness Challenges for the Office: Ideas for Keeping Employees Engaged

Explore unconventional summer wellness challenges that engage and empower employees in innovative ways. From virtual fitness journeys and mindful art therapy to sustainability initiatives and community service scavenger hunts, these unique challenges will inspire holistic well-being. Break away from the ordinary and embrace extraordinary wellness experiences to create a vibrant and supportive workplace environment.
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How to Beat the Heat and Stay Safe While Exercising Outdoors

In this article, we delve into effective techniques to beat the heat and ensure safety while exercising outdoors. We discuss the importance of choosing the right time for workouts, embracing early mornings or late evenings to avoid intense heat. We also explore the significance of selecting appropriate attire, staying hydrated, seeking shade, and listening to your body's cues to prevent heat-related ailments.

How to Set SMART Goals for Summer Wellness Challenges

ChatGPT Setting SMART goals for your summer wellness challenges is essential for staying motivated and on track. By being specific about what you want to achieve and setting measurable targets, you can create a roadmap that guides your actions and allows you to track your progress effectively.
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Top 100 Most Active Companies - April 2023

The Top 100 Most Active Companies in April showed impressive engagement and commitment to employee wellness challenges. The list included a diverse range of companies from various industries, proving that wellness is a priority for companies of all sizes. While the list only represents a small portion of the companies using YuMuuv, it highlights the potential for companies to make wellness a priority and the positive impact it can have on employee health and productivity.

10 Creative Ways to Stay Active and Healthy this Summer

This blog post offers 10 creative ways to stay active and healthy during the summer season. It covers a range of activities such as trying new outdoor sports, taking walks in nature, attending outdoor fitness classes, joining summer sports leagues, swimming, having picnics in the park, going on bike rides, playing outdoor games with friends, taking summer dance classes, and participating in charity walks or runs. These suggestions aim to help readers make the most of the summer while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Power of Merging Personal Wearable Data with Peer Social Motivation

YuMuuv merges personal wearable data with peer social motivation to create a powerful tool for improving employee wellness. This app allows individuals to track their daily activity and fitness data, participate in workplace wellness challenges, and connect with their coworkers to share their wellness goals and progress. By creating a culture of peer support and motivation, YuMuuv is an affordable and effective way for companies to implement wellness programs and improve employee wellness.

The Science of Workplace Wellness Challenges: How YuMuuv is Driving Employee Engagement

The significance of workplace wellness challenges in promoting employee engagement and improving overall health and well-being is highlighted in this article. The author stresses the need for these challenges to be scientifically researched and tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of employees. The use of social support, incentives, and personalization is emphasized as essential factors for driving employee participation and engagement.
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Top 100 Most Active Companies - February 2023

The Top 100 Most Active Companies in February showed impressive engagement and commitment to employee wellness challenges. The list included a diverse range of companies from various industries, proving that wellness is a priority for companies of all sizes. While the list only represents a small portion of the companies using YuMuuv, it highlights the potential for companies to make wellness a priority and the positive impact it can have on employee health and productivity.
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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Employee Wellness Challenge

In planning an employee wellness challenge, there are common mistakes that should be avoided. Making participation mandatory, setting unrealistic goals, ignoring individual differences, overlooking safety concerns, neglecting support and feedback, promoting too much competition, overlooking mental health, making the challenge too time-consuming, and failing to celebrate success are some of the mistakes that could harm employee wellness. By avoiding these pitfalls, the employee wellness challenge could be a success.

5 Refreshing Employee Wellness Challenges for a Healthy Spring

This article suggests 5 employee wellness challenges for the spring season, including biking to work, working out in the park, taking lunchtime walks, trying a plant-based diet, and fitting fitness into the workday. These challenges can promote physical activity and healthy habits while creating a positive workplace environment.
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Spending time outdoors has been proven to have numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. Research shows that time in nature can reduce stress, improve mood, boost cognitive function, and even lower blood pressure and chronic disease risk. Incorporating outdoor time into daily routines can have significant benefits for overall well-being.
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PharmaLex Case Study: Revitalizing Employee Health with YuMuuv

PharmaLex implemented a wellness program with YuMuuv to promote employee health and wellness. The YuMuuv platform enabled employees from different countries to connect and participate in wellness challenges. The program was successful in improving employee health and wellness, with positive feedback from employees. The success was attributed to the platform's user-friendliness and ease of administration. The partnership between PharmaLex and YuMuuv continues.
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How to Create a Culture Where No One Cheats in Wellness Challenges?

Wellness challenges can be a great way to promote healthy habits and encourage employees to take care of themselves. However, one challenge that often arises in these competitions is cheating. Employers need to take proactive steps to create a culture of integrity in wellness challenges, to maximize the impact of these programs on employee health and well-being. So how can you create a culture where no one cheats in wellness challenges? Here are some tips to help you get started.

How to Make Wellness Challenges Attractive to Employees?

Wellness challenges are a great way to engage employees in improving their health and wellness, but they can sometimes be difficult to get employees excited about. By following these tips, you can make wellness challenges more appealing and effective in promoting a culture of wellness in your workplace.
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3M Significant Increase in Employee Engagement

The article highlights how 3M Gulf improved employee participation and engagement in their wellness program through the implementation of YuMuuv, with a focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. Taha Mirza, a sales specialist at 3M Gulf, shares insights on the program's success and the company's dedication to employee wellbeing.

Setting Up Wellness Challenges for Remote Workers

Setting up wellness challenges for remote workers is a valuable way for employers to support the physical and mental well-being of their employees. These challenges can be designed to target specific areas of wellness such as physical activity, mental health, and self-care. They can be implemented through the use of wearable technology, daily check-ins, and friendly competition.

Free Employee Wellness Challenge Templates 

A wellness challenge is a fun and at the same time useful endeavor, whose aim is to create good habits in people, improve mental and physical health and create a sense of belonging in employees. Challenges don't have to be difficult. Let's take a simple step challenge for example. All you have to do is just walk and be as active as possible.

Overview of Employee Wellness Incentives - What and How?

A wellness incentive is something that prompts, influences, and pushes us to achieve goals or do some beneficial activity. It is a strong emotion or desire that impacts the overall well-being of an individual. If we talk about employee wellness incentives, it is something that employers use to promote wellness by offering rewards and recognition to their employees.
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What are the Benefits of Walking?

The benefits of walking are manifold. It is one of the easiest ways to take care of your health and well-being. Movement is the key word in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, as well as in shaping a health-enhancing lifestyle.

10 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

When organizing various challenges, you may encounter questions about what the award or price for it could be. Most people can motivate themselves, but some of us need a little push. Those for whom moving is a part of everyday life and who are motivated to take part in the challenge will certainly not refuse the prize. It's nice to get recognition. 

Most Inclusive Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Building a highly engaging wellness plan means that it has to be very inclusive. This is why YuMuuv took extra time to map out an annual wellness plan that will be defined as the most inclusive one to keep it easy to participate for everyone.

YuMuuv Team Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Do you want to guide your employees to an active lifestyle in the new year, or your employees are already active and big fans of YuMuuv challenges and you just need a new and exciting plan for the new year for your employees to be even more active and healthy, but you don't have a good idea and would like to see for inspiration what others do? Don’t worry, we got you!

Activity Focused Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Each company takes a unique route to map its wellness initiatives. In this article, there is a roadmap for a company that wants to implement well thought through plan that inspires employees to be more physically active in different ways.

Highest Variety Annual Wellness Plan 2023

When it comes down to your company's annual wellness challenge plan, there are several ways to build it up. In this article, there will be laid out the option that consists of the most variety as far as activities to keep people continuously engaged.
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The Most Engaging Virtual Team Building Activites

You’re probably used to team building activities that involve physical tasks and games. But what about when your team is entirely virtual? Does that mean you can’t build relationships and trust? Of course not! There are plenty of engaging virtual team building activities that can help you get to know your teammates, build trust, and have some fun while you’re at it.
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Distance-Based Challenge Ideas For Teams

Challenge your team with YuMuuv! We've added automated distance-based challenges to our platform in order to keep your team moving together. Whether users use integrated wearable device data and manual input data, everyone can advance together in the same challenge. Higher employee engagement will be the certain outcome.

Staying active during summertime

Summer can be a difficult time to be active. The heat. Humidity. Different events. Laying on the beach. And everything else that goes with summer. Instead of working out, I'd like to sit in front of the AC with my loved ones, watch a good TV show and eat popcorn. Luckily, there are still some really fun and easy ways to burn off the calories you've eaten in the summer and maintain the summer shape you've chased in the spring.

Setting Up a Successful Company Fitness Challenge

Since the beginning of this millennium, there has been only a trend toward the global decline of physical activity – meaning more than 36.8% of the world's population does not move enough. The problem is even twice as worse in high-income countries. Of course, there have always been amazing individuals, but to have a true corporate culture swims against the tide requires a very conscious and consistent action plan from HR.

The Long-Term Key to Employee Engagement and Activity

One of the key questions we are often asked is whether physical activity and employee engagement can be promoted in the long term through the YuMuuvi platform. The easy answer is yes, of course. As proof and explanation, we have analyzed the statistics of our customers and brought you the most important findings and recurring patterns.

How To Increase Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction and commitment at work is the foundation of a happy and well-functioning working environment. A committed and satisfied employee motivates others around them and helps to enhance the company's reputation as an employer. Despite this, many employees feel that they are not involved in decision-making, that their opinions are not listened to or that their work is not valued. Such a work culture can lead to employee burnout and foster a constant need for new recruits.

How To Spice Up a Corporate Fitness Challenge?

A very growing trend is to create in-house activity challenges. Some companies organise them to build up a corporate culture of activity. Others create challenges to bring team members closer to each other. Others celebrate an important moments for the company through activity. The motivation is different, but the result is perhaps the same - to enjoy moving together and to find colleagues with common interests through challenges. 

5 Ways To Help Remote Employees Stay Fit & Healthy

Businesses today often take a more active role in promoting employee health and wellness. After all, healthy employees are happy ones. We often find companies that offer discounts on gym memberships, active breaks during the workday, and sometimes even break rooms that have gym equipment, yoga mats, and other things related to physical activity.

Physical Activity Infographic 2022

Are there links between the YuMuuv user's device type, age, gender, and activity? If so, which ones? Read more about the findings from thousands of users data and learn what could be implemented for your company.

Fitness Challenge App With Friends

Friends and friendships are a big part of our lives and it cannot be overlooked that they also have an impact on our health and well-being. Creating or maintaining a friendship is a kind of art and it is a privilege to be able to do so. The importance and importance of social connections are very important in our lives, and today we want to talk about what a person can do to develop and how to grow lasting friendships.
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Why to Organize Corporate Wellness Challenges?

Some corporates organize a wellness challenge to build their activity culture. Some organize to create an active opportunity for team building. Some enterprises are celebrating a birthday year in an active way.  And so we would continue. So there are as many reasons to organize a challenge as many companies are doing it. With this post we let you see the backstage a bit and hopefully after that you also will find a reason to move with your colleagues. 
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Ideas For a 30 Day Challenge

30 days challenge ideas can motivate you and your team to establish new habits that will last. YuMuuv assists you in putting up any challenge that your team wishes.

How to Organize Mini Competitions as Company Fitness Challenges?

As the organisation of activity challenges is becoming more and more popular over time, at YuMuuv we try to create as many and as different types of challenges as possible, so that things do not get monotonous. If long-term challenges are already starting to leave a bitter taste in your mouth, a good sweetener is a mini competition. It helps to get out of the routine for a while and maybe even set a slightly more intense pace.

How to Involve More Employees With Your Company Fitness Challenge?

Company fitness challenges are a growing trend, which means that employers are increasingly choosing to contribute to the health of their employees. Given the constant technological advances and the growth of opportunities, this makes sense. Exercise has always been available to almost everyone, but as the years go by, so does the need to monitor and analyse movement.

Walking 10 000 steps a day during your company fitness challenge

We all probably know the magical number of daily steps, 10 000. We track steps with our activity monitors or smart phones and if at the end of the day, we haven't reached our step goal, we are walking back and forth at our homes. Familiar? But is it scientifically proven that 10 000 steps a day is a must have? Are we happier or healthier if we take these steps? Let's find out!

How To Organize Fitness Fridays During Your Company Step Challenge?

As Company fitness challenges are getting more popular year by year, even month by month, it might get a bit more difficult to keep these inclusive after years. For that, we have also written a blog post with 52 wellness challenge ideas. But if that's not enough, there's also a trend that we want to open with that blog post – Fitness Fridays. 
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In Support of Ukraine

We condemn all attacks on the Ukrainian people and territory. Because of that we have decided to donate 10% of our March sales revenue in support of the Ukrainian Rescue Union. We also want to pass on some challenge ideas that, on the one hand, would promote your health, but at the same time create additional resources that could be used to support Ukraine.

Exercise Challenge Ideas: Tips & Tricks

In addition to intrinsic motivation, we often need external stimulation. In the context of exercise challenge, external motivators are usually rewards and role models. That's why today we're introducing Tanel - a man whose colleagues ask him how he still gets those steps done and what the magic formula is. But what is the magic formula then?
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How To Create a Step Challenge?

If you are considering organizing a step challenge, then the following article is for you. What should be the goal and period of the challenge? How is the data collection and support done? How is communication and feedback done? And many other questions will find answers.
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Corporate Fitness Challenge Ideas

Since we have spent more time at home during the last couple of years and it is still going on, how do you stay active? Are you lacking ideas? Let's find some answers for that! 

Workplace Wellness Trends in 2022

We have now entered the third year of the global pandemic. On the one hand, life has already become a norm in society with the virus, but on the other hand, we have also constantly re-evaluated the situation and, if necessary, implemented rapid changes. Gradually, however, we are beginning to understand the long-term and lasting effects of this pandemic.