Revolutionizing Wellness

Revolutionizing Employee Wellness at Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S


This comprehensive case study delves into the transformative journey of Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S, a premier security monitoring firm, as they adopted the YuMuuv wellness app to enhance employee wellness and productivity. Through a detailed conversation between Jakob Remmel of YuMuuv and Erik Sørensen of Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S, this analysis highlights the challenges, strategic decisions, and notable successes of integrating tailored wellness initiatives within their 24/7 operational framework.

Company Overview

Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S specializes in real-time alarm monitoring services across Denmark and has extended operations into Scandinavia and select global markets. Operating around the clock, every day of the year, the company employs a dedicated staff of 130 individuals. The operational demands of the job require employees to remain sedentary for prolonged periods, primarily monitoring screens, which presents significant wellness challenges.

Problem Statement

The key challenge faced by Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S was combating the sedentary work habits inherent in their operations. Previous efforts to promote physical health, including subsidized gym memberships, had limited impact due to low utilization rates among employees. The company needed a solution that would not only promote regular physical activity but also engage employees in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Strategic Implementation of YuMuuv

In search of an effective solution, Erik Sørensen explored various digital platforms that could offer a more dynamic and engaging approach to employee wellness. YuMuuv stood out for its flexibility, ease of integration, and its gamified approach to health and fitness, which seemed particularly suited to the company's needs.

Implementation Process

  • Initial Setup: Initial Setup: YuMuuv was rolled out with an array of fitness challenges tailored to accommodate different physical activities, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Engagement Tools: Features such as step count challenges, activity indices, and competitive leaderboards were utilized to foster a motivating environment.

Impact and Outcomes

The deployment of YuMuuv had several immediate and long-term impacts:

  • Enhanced Participation: The initial launch saw a participation rate of approximately 23% of the workforce, significantly higher than previous wellness initiatives.
  • Consistent Engagement: Through regular updates and new challenges, the platform maintained high levels of ongoing engagement among employees.
  • Health and Wellness Improvements: Remarkably, employees reported better health outcomes and decreased absenteeism, attributed to increased physical activity. One employee, in particular, noted a drastic reduction in her absence from work due to improved health from regular walks prompted by the app.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout its implementation, Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S faced several challenges:

  • Operational Constraints: The continuous nature of their operations made traditional physical breaks impractical. This was addressed by allowing employees to participate in wellness activities at times that suited their shifts.
  • Feedback-Driven Adjustments: The company regularly solicited and responded to employee feedback, adjusting the difficulty and variety of challenges to keep the program engaging and accessible to all staff members.

Future Enhancements and Strategic Vision

Moving forward, Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S plans to expand the scope of YuMuuv within their wellness strategy by:

  • Incorporating Diverse Activities: Integrating a new wellness point system to combine various activities into unified challenges.
  • Enhancing Visibility: Considering the installation of real-time leaderboards throughout the workplace to boost motivation and visibility of ongoing challenges.


Den Jyske Kontrolcentral A/S's strategic application of the YuMuuv wellness app illustrates a successful model for integrating technology-based wellness solutions in challenging work environments. Their approach not only improved physical health and engagement among employees but also demonstrated how adaptive and responsive wellness initiatives can significantly enhance workplace morale and productivity. The ongoing commitment to evolving their wellness strategies underscores their dedication to fostering a thriving, health-conscious work culture.