Case Studies

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Case Study: Enhancing Employee Wellness at Rush Street Interactive through YuMuuv

Rush Street Interactive partnered with YuMuuv to revolutionize its corporate wellness landscape, fostering a community-driven approach to employee well-being through tailored challenges and initiatives. This symbiotic relationship has cultivated a vibrant, inclusive, and healthy work environment, promoting not only physical health but also enriching the emotional quotient and camaraderie among the team members.
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Case Study: YuMuuv and UPL OpenAg’s Leap into Wellness

The "Leap into Wellness" initiative, a collaboration between UPL OpenAg and YuMuuv, is fostering both individual and community wellness, illustrated by a promising 24.29% participation rate in its early phase. Leaders Nileka and Jakob share a vision of expanded horizons through integrated wellness approaches, aiming for real-world impact through the promotion of healthy habits and a cooperative work environment, leveraging the YuMuuv app's potential.
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PharmaLex Case Study: Revitalizing Employee Health with YuMuuv

PharmaLex implemented a wellness program with YuMuuv to promote employee health and wellness. The YuMuuv platform enabled employees from different countries to connect and participate in wellness challenges. The program was successful in improving employee health and wellness, with positive feedback from employees. The success was attributed to the platform's user-friendliness and ease of administration. The partnership between PharmaLex and YuMuuv continues.
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3M Significant Increase in Employee Engagement

The article highlights how 3M Gulf improved employee participation and engagement in their wellness program through the implementation of YuMuuv, with a focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. Taha Mirza, a sales specialist at 3M Gulf, shares insights on the program's success and the company's dedication to employee wellbeing.

The Long-Term Key to Employee Engagement and Activity

One of the key questions we are often asked is whether physical activity and employee engagement can be promoted in the long term through the YuMuuvi platform. The easy answer is yes, of course. As proof and explanation, we have analyzed the statistics of our customers and brought you the most important findings and recurring patterns.

Physical Activity Infographic 2022

Are there links between the YuMuuv user's device type, age, gender, and activity? If so, which ones? Read more about the findings from thousands of users data and learn what could be implemented for your company.

Exercise Challenge Ideas: Tips & Tricks

In addition to intrinsic motivation, we often need external stimulation. In the context of exercise challenge, external motivators are usually rewards and role models. That's why today we're introducing Tanel - a man whose colleagues ask him how he still gets those steps done and what the magic formula is. But what is the magic formula then?
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How Ultimate Walking Challenge Changed a Life?

There are always people around us who inspire and motivate us in at least one area of life. At Yumuuv, we see many such role models, especially those who stand out for being more active than the average person. Today, we're bringing out from behind the curtains one of these YuMuuvers who are over 100% active at the end of every month and never misses a step. Someone who stands out from the crowd and who totally inspires others.
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Million Steps Challenge Accepted

In YuMuuv, we've always known that we have the coolest and most active clients. To prove it, we're publishing a letter written to us by Telia's role model Mihkel Kaasik - read and let yourself to get inspired!
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How a Challenge Can Increase Employee Engagement?

Nortal has done a lot to build motivated teams in different countries uniting them as a whole company-wide team through active lifestyle challenges. We had a chance to talk with Nortals' (Virtual) Event Manager Katre Trei, who explained to us how they have done it.