Employee well-being

Sage Parts and YuMuuv - Enhancing Global Employee Wellness and Engagement


In an era where employee wellness is increasingly linked to productivity and job satisfaction, companies are seeking innovative ways to engage their diverse and globally dispersed workforces. Sage Parts, a leading distributor of parts for ground support equipment (GSE) in the aviation industry, faced the challenge of promoting wellness across its multinational presence. This case study explores how Sage Parts partnered with YuMuuv, a wellness platform known for its global adaptability, to develop a comprehensive wellness program that caters to a varied employee base.

Company Background

Sage Parts is the largest provider of aviation GSE parts in the world. Aviation GSE equipment includes tractors, deicers, and loaders. With operations spanning 5 continents and serving customers like airlines, military, and air freight, the company plays a crucial role in the daily operations at most of the world's airports.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Sage Parts was to implement a wellness program that could be equally accessible and engaging for employees across various countries and languages. Traditional, region-specific wellness platforms were not suitable due to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the workforce. The company required a solution that would not only promote physical health but also mental well-being and team cohesion.

Selection of YuMuuv

After a thorough market analysis, Sage Parts chose YuMuuv for its impressive capabilities in supporting a multi-lingual and multi-regional user base. YuMuuv's platform stood out due to its flexible challenge setups, ease of use, and its ability to provide a unified experience for users spread across different geographical locations.

Implementation Strategy

The implementation strategy was meticulously planned to maximize engagement and
accessibility. Sage Parts:

  1. Pre-Launch Communication: Utilized internal channels like town halls and newsletters to announce the upcoming launch, preparing employees for the transition.
  2. Registration Flexibility: Allowed employees to sign up individually, selecting their preferred language and aligning with their specific department and location.
  3. Challenge Diversity: Introduced multiple challenges at the launch to cater to varied interests and wellness goals. These included physical activities, mindfulness sessions, and nutritional habits.

Program Rollout

The program began with three distinct challenges designed to address different aspects
of wellness:

  1. Physical Activity Challenge: Focused on encouraging daily physical exercise tailored to various fitness levels.
  2. Mental Health Challenge: Promoted practices like meditation and stress management techniques.
  3. Nutrition Challenge: Aimed at improving dietary habits with a focus on hydration and balanced eating.

Feedback and Adjustments

The initial feedback was highly positive, with employees praising the platform's user- friendly interface and the variety of challenges available. However, some participants suggested improvements for managing multiple challenges simultaneously. In response, YuMuuv worked on enhancing the platform to allow for seamless transitions between different challenges, aiming to improve user experience and maintain high engagement levels.

Outcomes and Benefits

The introduction of the YuMuuv platform led to noticeable improvements in employee
engagement and wellness. Notable outcomes included:

  • Increased Participation: A significant uptick in registration and active participation in the challenges.
  • Enhanced Employee Interaction: Increased communication among employees, both via the platform and through organized group activities like walking groups.
  • Positive Feedback Loop: Continuous improvement of the platform based on user feedback, fostering a culture of wellness and responsiveness.

Future Plans

Encouraged by the success of the initial launch, Sage Parts plans to introduce a broader range of challenges, including longer-term initiatives designed to sustain engagement over time. The company is also exploring ways to integrate these wellness activities with other employee benefits to provide a holistic approach to employee health and satisfaction.


The partnership between Sage Parts and YuMuuv showcases the effectiveness of a well-designed wellness program in enhancing employee engagement across a global scale. By carefully selecting a platform that accommodates the diverse needs of their workforce, Sage Parts has set a precedent for other multinational companies looking to enhance their employee wellness strategies. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of targeted wellness initiatives to transform organizational culture and improve overall employee well-being.