Innovative Ideas for Employee Benefits

Innovative Ideas for Employee Benefits

We have got many questions about rewarding the challenges. It may be the hardest part of the challenge, just because creating the challenge today is absolutely the easiest thing to do. But to make rewarding easier as well, this blog post is for you!

Why To Set Prizes for Office Step Challenge

As Victor Vroom has introduced the theory that employees are motivated to make an effort when they know that they get wanted prizes after that. Usually, it is an enterprise's success, salary increase, some compensation or physical things. Main point is that it should increase their quality of life. 

It makes sense when we have a look at our history – good grades after deep learning, gold medals after fastest run. Different prizes meet our need for recognition. Especially, when we talk about friendly competition, as the office step challenge is.


Who Should Get Rewarded After Corporate Fitness Challenge

We think that as many people as possible should get rewarded. Then your employees feel that they don’t have to be best out of best, but they can be best of themselves. It can be all employees that cross the goal line or just draw some prizes between all the participants.

You can also put out a reward for the best/first one, but it works when you know that all employees in your team are really active. That means they are motivated in the long term, because they know that they are able to win.


What To Put as a Reward for Office Step Challenge

Prizes don’t have to be big and expensive, especially when you are giving them to more than one employee. Better be smaller, but give them to more people. We have made a list with some ideas for you:

  • Running t-shirt 
  • (Running) hoodie
  • Running socks
  • Roundscarf
  • Running shoes
  • Towel
  • First aid kit
  • Drinking bottle 
  • Training bag
  • Dumbbells
  • Activity monitor 
  • Book

3. Services

  • Personal training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage
  • Donation
  • Some activity gift card
  • Hobby athlete blood analysis

4. Food/Drinks

  • Food supplements
  • Package of protein bars
  • List of healthier drinks
  • Vitamins

But also an amazing idea is to do a collective challenge and after it ends, to have a collective lunch/dinner together. 

Collective eating

But there are a thousand more options! All depends on what is increasing your employee's lives quality. Always a good idea is to ask from your employees what would motivate them to be active in a given price range and voila! If you get some awesome ideas, let us know as well, but if you now have an idea to organize a corporate fitness challenge, we are here for you!