GRO community

Empowering Wellness at GRO Community through YuMuuv


GRO Community is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing trauma-informed mental health services to boys and men aged 5 and up from low socio-economic backgrounds and black and brown communities. Located in the Roseland community of Chicago, GRO was established to combat the effects of prolonged exposure to violence and trauma among African American men and boys. Their services are designed around a deep understanding of the neurological, biological, and psychological impacts of trauma, utilizing various therapeutic modalities to offer effective mental healthcare.

The Challenge

The staff at GRO Community, who are primarily culturally responsive clinicians, face the dual challenge of managing their own stress while professionally addressing the complex needs of their clients. Recognizing the critical need for self-care among her team, Ashley Wells, an HR representative at GRO, sought out solutions to encourage wellness and work-life balance.

The Solution: YuMuuv

Ashley discovered YuMuuv, an employee wellness challenge platform that appeared ideal for promoting physical health and mental well-being in a workplace setting. YuMuuv offers a variety of pre-built challenges, such as step competitions, which Ashley thought could foster a friendly competitive atmosphere and motivate the staff.


The implementation of YuMuuv at GRO began with introducing the step challenge, which quickly became a favorite among the staff for its simplicity and the immediate positive feedback loop it created. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed for easy participation, helping even the less active members of the team engage more fully with the wellness initiatives. To further incentivize participation, GRO utilized cash rewards and also invested in fitness watches to help integrate and monitor the challenges more effectively.


The introduction of YuMuuv has had a noticeable impact on staff engagement and morale at GRO. Employees who initially were less active reported feeling motivated to participate due to the gamified nature of the challenges and the visible support from their peers. Moreover, the challenges have helped staff members recognize and alter problematic thinking patterns, building better social-emotional-interpersonal skills crucial for their demanding roles.

Future Directions

Encouraged by the positive feedback, GRO plans to continue and expand its wellness challenges. Upcoming initiatives include a jump rope challenge and a 30-day squat challenge, chosen based on staff interest to ensure continued engagement. Ashley and her team are also exploring other wellness metrics that can be easily integrated and monitored through YuMuuv, such as sugar intake and hydration levels.


The partnership between GRO Community and YuMuuv illustrates the significant benefits of integrating structured wellness challenges into the workplace, especially in high-stress environments like mental health services. By prioritizing the wellness of their staff, GRO not only enhances their team's overall health but also optimizes their capacity to deliver effective care to their clients, proving that employee wellness is essential to organizational success in the mental health field.