Minnesota Comprehensive Wellness

Minnesota Sports and Events Embraces Comprehensive Employee Wellness with YuMuuv


In the competitive world of sports event management, team wellness is not just a benefit but a necessity. Minnesota Sports and Events, the regional sports commission for Minnesota, recognized the need to enhance employee wellness amidst their high-stakes operations. This case study explores how they integrated YuMuuv's wellness challenges into their corporate culture to promote holistic employee well-being.

Company Background

Minnesota Sports and Events plays a pivotal role in bidding for and executing mega-events such as the Super Bowl and the Big Ten Basketball Tournaments. Despite the thrill and prestige of these events, the demanding nature of the industry can take a toll on the team’s health and wellness. Initially, their goal was to keep the team active and address wellness in varied ways, acknowledging that the health of their staff is as critical as the events they execute.

Selection of Wellness Challenges

The decision to adopt YuMuuv stemmed from the need for a flexible platform that catered to diverse fitness levels and wellness aspects beyond physical health, including mental and emotional well-being. The inclusivity of YuMuuv’s challenges, such as the mindfulness and water challenges, provided a comprehensive approach that appealed to the entire team, ensuring everyone could participate regardless of their fitness stage.

Implementation Experience

For Minnesota Sports and Events, implementing YuMuuv’s challenges was a fresh start in building a structured wellness program. The introduction process involved open discussions about the app and potential challenges, encouraging team input in selecting preferred activities. This collaborative approach not only fostered a sense of ownership among employees but also enhanced engagement by incorporating incentives like prizes for challenge winners.

Employee Engagement

The launch of the wellness challenges saw a generally positive response, with most team members actively participating. Regular updates on leaderboards and rankings became a topic of conversation during team meetings, creating a friendly, competitive atmosphere. This engagement demonstrated the team’s enthusiasm for varied challenges, moving beyond repetitive activities and keeping the excitement alive.

Impact Analysis

The initial rollout included a physical challenge coinciding with a major event, which may have skewed the true measure of engagement and impact. The ongoing water challenge, followed by a return to physical challenges, is expected to provide clearer insights into improvements in employee wellness. Early observations suggest positive trends, but comprehensive data will be available after more consistent implementation periods.

Personal Reflections

A significant takeaway for the team has been the value of collective decision-making in wellness activities. Allowing employees to choose and shape their wellness journey has not only increased interest but also fostered a deeper commitment to overall health. This participatory approach has also helped address mental and emotional stress, highlighting the importance of balance in wellness initiatives.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Minnesota Sports and Events plans to maintain a dynamic schedule of challenges, alternating monthly between physical activities and manual entry challenges like mindfulness, sleep, and water intake. The possibility of designing custom challenges tailored to specific team needs is also on the horizon, reflecting a proactive and adaptive approach to employee wellness.


Minnesota Sports and Events' partnership with YuMuuv has kickstarted a transformative journey towards sustained employee wellness. By integrating a holistic wellness program, they not only enhance individual health but also boost overall team morale and productivity. The future of their wellness initiatives looks promising, with continuous improvement and customization at the core of their strategy, paving the way for a healthier, more engaged workforce.
This case study exemplifies the potential of integrated wellness solutions in high-pressure environments, demonstrating that taking care of a team’s health is as crucial as achieving business success.