100$ gift card

Earn $100 for Every Referral Who Joins

Spread the Word About YuMuuv and Get Rewarded!

For every company you refer that becomes a client, you'll receive a 100$ Amazon gift card. It's simple—refer, reward, repeat!

  1. Inform Your Referral Contact: Tell your contacts about YuMuuv. Send a personalized message and invite them to book a demo with us using this link.
  2. They Sign a Contract: Once your referral books a demo and then signs a contract, you're eligible for your reward.
  3. Receive Your Gift Card: A 100$ Amazon gift card will be sent directly to your email as a token of our appreciation.
  4. Extra Incentive for New Client: We ensure that the first challenge hosted by your referred company is successful. The challenge organizer will receive also 100$ to award to participants, enhancing their engagement and enjoyment.

Got questions about the referral process? Email us at info@yumuuv.com

Please note: To be eligible for referral rewards, the referred company must not have previously been a client of YuMuuv.