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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning an Employee Wellness Challenge

In planning an employee wellness challenge, there are common mistakes that should be avoided. Making participation mandatory, setting unrealistic goals, ignoring individual differences, overlooking safety concerns, neglecting support and feedback, promoting too much competition, overlooking mental health, making the challenge too time-consuming, and failing to celebrate success are some of the mistakes that could harm employee wellness. By avoiding these pitfalls, the employee wellness challenge could be a success.
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10 Office Fitness Challenge Ideas

It is always good to have some fun while working. Consistent activity can significantly reduce sick days, keep stress level lower and energy level higher. At the same time, at-work but non-formal activity helps to bond with colleagues and the company itself. This, in the other hand, means more motivated employees and better performance. But how to organize office fitness challenge?
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52 Wellness Challenge Ideas for 2024

One single key factor that connects with most of your employees is that they want to advance in life. So as you are planning activities for your workforce to fulfill that desire, we want to make sure that you are not lacking the ideas. Here are 52 challenge ideas for your company that will make your employees more healthy and happy in different areas of life.

Activity Focused Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Each company takes a unique route to map its wellness initiatives. In this article, there is a roadmap for a company that wants to implement well thought through plan that inspires employees to be more physically active in different ways.

Annual Employee Wellness Program Example

Every single HR manager who I have ever talked to has stated that their company cares about their employees' health. It is true, but we should also remember that great physical activity habits or needed behavioral changes are only going to be happening and tested over a long period of time.
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Corporate Fitness Challenge Ideas

Since we have spent more time at home during the last couple of years and it is still going on, how do you stay active? Are you lacking ideas? Let's find some answers for that! 
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Distance-Based Challenge Ideas For Teams

Challenge your team with YuMuuv! We've added automated distance-based challenges to our platform in order to keep your team moving together. Whether users use integrated wearable device data and manual input data, everyone can advance together in the same challenge. Higher employee engagement will be the certain outcome.

Highest Variety Annual Wellness Plan 2023

When it comes down to your company's annual wellness challenge plan, there are several ways to build it up. In this article, there will be laid out the option that consists of the most variety as far as activities to keep people continuously engaged.
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How to Create a Culture Where No One Cheats in Wellness Challenges?

Wellness challenges can be a great way to promote healthy habits and encourage employees to take care of themselves. However, one challenge that often arises in these competitions is cheating. Employers need to take proactive steps to create a culture of integrity in wellness challenges, to maximize the impact of these programs on employee health and well-being. So how can you create a culture where no one cheats in wellness challenges? Here are some tips to help you get started.
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How To Create a Step Challenge?

If you are considering organizing a step challenge, then the following article is for you. What should be the goal and period of the challenge? How is the data collection and support done? How is communication and feedback done? And many other questions will find answers.
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How To Engage Remote Employees?

The rising trend of the last two years is the remotely of working employees and why not because it is a convenient and kind of full package solution. Employees are guaranteed with conditions so that the work can be done and that they are still loyal. Since they do their work remotely, how often can you see how involved they are? Can you be sure that they are happy, stress-free, effective?

How to Organize Mini Competitions as Company Fitness Challenges?

As the organisation of activity challenges is becoming more and more popular over time, at YuMuuv we try to create as many and as different types of challenges as possible, so that things do not get monotonous. If long-term challenges are already starting to leave a bitter taste in your mouth, a good sweetener is a mini competition. It helps to get out of the routine for a while and maybe even set a slightly more intense pace.

Most Inclusive Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Building a highly engaging wellness plan means that it has to be very inclusive. This is why YuMuuv took extra time to map out an annual wellness plan that will be defined as the most inclusive one to keep it easy to participate for everyone.

Step Your Way to Christmas

Although, companies have been using the YuMuuv platform for charity challenges for many months, the challenge "Step your way to Christmas" (from 15th November until 5th December) was the first of its kind to bring several companies together under a common goal.
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Summer Wellness Challenges for the Office: Ideas for Keeping Employees Engaged

Explore unconventional summer wellness challenges that engage and empower employees in innovative ways. From virtual fitness journeys and mindful art therapy to sustainability initiatives and community service scavenger hunts, these unique challenges will inspire holistic well-being. Break away from the ordinary and embrace extraordinary wellness experiences to create a vibrant and supportive workplace environment.

What Are Active Minutes and How To Collect Them?

Looking at the title, you might be under the impression that as you read on, you'll discover the ancient secret of how to get your daily minutes of activity without too much effort during office fitness challenge. Almost, but not quite! Because moving and getting to move after (or before) a long day at work is usually an emotional war between our two ears, today we're publishing a few ways to get your heart pumping faster with less mental effort.
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Why Are Virtual Fitness Challenges Trending?

There have been several changes to notice, but one of the key indications for the pioneer companies is that they do corporate fitness challenges. Why? In next paragraphs I bring out 3 reasons for you to consider jumping on that same bandwagon.
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Why to Organize Corporate Wellness Challenges?

Some corporates organize a wellness challenge to build their activity culture. Some organize to create an active opportunity for team building. Some enterprises are celebrating a birthday year in an active way.  And so we would continue. So there are as many reasons to organize a challenge as many companies are doing it. With this post we let you see the backstage a bit and hopefully after that you also will find a reason to move with your colleagues. 

YuMuuv Team Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Do you want to guide your employees to an active lifestyle in the new year, or your employees are already active and big fans of YuMuuv challenges and you just need a new and exciting plan for the new year for your employees to be even more active and healthy, but you don't have a good idea and would like to see for inspiration what others do? Don’t worry, we got you!