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52 Wellness Challenge Ideas for 2024

One single key factor that connects with most of your employees is that they want to advance in life. So as you are planning activities for your workforce to fulfill that desire, we want to make sure that you are not lacking the ideas. Here are 52 challenge ideas for your company that will make your employees more healthy and happy in different areas of life.

Activity and Wellness KPI Report for Companies

When it comes down to physical activity goals one common factor for companies is that almost all wanted to see their employees be active and happy but only a few had any tools to measure the progress. So because of that we came up with activity KPI report. Read more about that in the article.

Annual Employee Wellness Program Example

Every single HR manager who I have ever talked to has stated that their company cares about their employees' health. It is true, but we should also remember that great physical activity habits or needed behavioral changes are only going to be happening and tested over a long period of time.
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How To Engage Remote Employees?

The rising trend of the last two years is the remotely of working employees and why not because it is a convenient and kind of full package solution. Employees are guaranteed with conditions so that the work can be done and that they are still loyal. Since they do their work remotely, how often can you see how involved they are? Can you be sure that they are happy, stress-free, effective?

How To Spice Up a Corporate Fitness Challenge?

A very growing trend is to create in-house activity challenges. Some companies organise them to build up a corporate culture of activity. Others create challenges to bring team members closer to each other. Others celebrate an important moments for the company through activity. The motivation is different, but the result is perhaps the same - to enjoy moving together and to find colleagues with common interests through challenges. 

Staying active during summertime

Summer can be a difficult time to be active. The heat. Humidity. Different events. Laying on the beach. And everything else that goes with summer. Instead of working out, I'd like to sit in front of the AC with my loved ones, watch a good TV show and eat popcorn. Luckily, there are still some really fun and easy ways to burn off the calories you've eaten in the summer and maintain the summer shape you've chased in the spring.

The Role of Nutrition in Workplace Performance

An eye-opening article that sheds light on the influence of nutrition on professional success. It explores how making smart food choices can boost brain power, sustain energy levels, uplift mood, and improve hydration. By prioritizing nutrition, individuals can unlock their full potential, perform better at work, and achieve greater productivity.

Walking Meetings: Our Experience

What if I told you that you and your team could effortlessly walk 100+ miles from one city to another? Maybe this idea seems a bit crazy? The reality, however, is that this is exactly the kind of result you will achieve during the year if you replace a team meeting with a walk for about 15 minutes almost every working day instead of sitting.
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Why Are Virtual Fitness Challenges Trending?

There have been several changes to notice, but one of the key indications for the pioneer companies is that they do corporate fitness challenges. Why? In next paragraphs I bring out 3 reasons for you to consider jumping on that same bandwagon.

Workplace Wellness Trends in 2022

We have now entered the third year of the global pandemic. On the one hand, life has already become a norm in society with the virus, but on the other hand, we have also constantly re-evaluated the situation and, if necessary, implemented rapid changes. Gradually, however, we are beginning to understand the long-term and lasting effects of this pandemic.