Staying active

Staying active during summertime

Summer can be a difficult time to be active. The heat. Humidity. Different events. Laying on the beach. And everything else that goes with summer. Instead of working out, I would like to sit in front of the AC with my loved ones, watch a good TV show and eat popcorn.

Luckily, there are still some really fun and easy ways to burn off the calories you've eaten in the summer and maintain the summer shape you've chased in the spring.

Organize a fitness challenge with colleagues 

It is much harder to build habits and keep given promises alone. So why live a complicated life when you can live a much simpler one? Just bring your colleagues along on the journey and conquer the summer trails together.

It's a good idea to use a shared step challenge app to track all your movements, and show your colleagues the results of your movements. For example, YuMuuv - create a joint challenge with your colleagues and keep track of each other.

Create several challenges at once, because there are so many options that it's more than difficult to decide between them. You can create individual challenges, collective challenges or, for example, continuity challenges. Plus, for example, challenges for drinking water, sleeping or meditating. Of course, there are dozens if not hundreds of choices.

You can measure steps, calories and intensity minutes. Or all together! Contact us if you have any questions.


Do your movement during the mornings

Obviously none of us want to go jogging at noon, but let's not leave it until sunset. After all, the busiest time of the day on the health trails is in the evening at the golden hour, but it's much better to do it in the morning before heading off to work. Why do you ask?

Exercise produces endorphins, a general feel-good substance, in our bodies. However, endorphins have the same effect on our bodies as one of the world's most addictive substances - morphine. So it's not good for our sleep quality if our bodies are subjected to such an experience just a few hours before we fall asleep.

However, in the mornings, it's a fabulous experience - returning to your normal routine after a workout doesn't seem like such an insurmountable task anymore. So if you're looking for the perfect time to work out in the hot summer weather, make sure you lace up your sneakers in the morning.


Workout with an AC

After all, your best friend in the summer is a fan, air conditioner or similar invention that keeps you feeling a little bit human in the room. Generally speaking, this suction device also gives you the chance to burn calories without leaving the room in summer.

There are hundreds of thousands of training videos uploaded on YouTube for you to follow. In addition, there are a huge number of ways to join home workout programmes. A little surfing on the internet and you are sure to find your way.


Play games with friends

After all, the most fun way to get out and about with friends in the summer is to play board games. When you go to the beach, take a volleyball or a water balloon - lots of fun and laughter guaranteed. Have a barbecue in the garden and play croquet or football. Get your friends in the car and hit the disc golf courses together. Or classic golf? There are so many variations, it's just something to think about before you sit down with friends.

Playing volleyball

Activity during travelling

Summer is also a good and well-known time to travel. You can also make good choices when you travel to keep active. For example, even if you've rented a car, go out and explore the surrounding area on foot for at least an hour every day. As well as walking, you can also take some great pictures.

It's also worth looking out for the best hiking trails in your destination country, with the most fun and beautiful views. Minutes of intensity are guaranteed. During the trip, your diet is usually out of control anyway, so it's good to balance it with exercise.

People hiking

YuMuuv as the best step challenge app

We have made that part of the challenge very easy – a lot of tools with different varieties of corporate fitness challenges, automatic activities to save your time and bunch of blog posts with tips and tricks. For example, the one, where we wrote abot how to create a step challenge at work.

Also admin manuals for you to navigate easily in the app and user manuals to get your employees fast on board. In addition, communication templates with important information for you to send out and the full annual plan you can insert all in once, just in 10 minutes.

We have customer support and help center so you don't have to deal with employee's problems or technical questions. We have an automatic ranking sheet about your employees, but also with all the companies that are moving with YuMuuv. And a lot more just to help you enjoy that journey with others as well with minimal managing effort!

So if you feel now that your employees would be a fun support team to move with, let us know and we will make it reality!