Employee well-being

5 Ways To Help Remote Employees Stay Fit & Healthy

Businesses today often take a more active role in promoting employee health and wellness. After all, healthy employees are happy ones. We often find companies that offer discounts on gym memberships, active breaks during the workday, and sometimes even break rooms that have gym equipment, yoga mats, and other things related to physical activity.

How To Increase Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction and commitment at work is the foundation of a happy and well-functioning working environment. A committed and satisfied employee motivates others around them and helps to enhance the company's reputation as an employer. Despite this, many employees feel that they are not involved in decision-making, that their opinions are not listened to or that their work is not valued. Such a work culture can lead to employee burnout and foster a constant need for new recruits.

Staying active during summertime

Summer can be a difficult time to be active. The heat. Humidity. Different events. Laying on the beach. And everything else that goes with summer. Instead of working out, I'd like to sit in front of the AC with my loved ones, watch a good TV show and eat popcorn. Luckily, there are still some really fun and easy ways to burn off the calories you've eaten in the summer and maintain the summer shape you've chased in the spring.

Wellness Tips for the Workplace

As employee wellness programs are getting more popular month by month, we get asked more often how to do them successfully. The success indicators differ depending on a corporation size, average employees age and the culture in the company, but there's one thing we are sure, should increase the participation percent and the results' relevance.