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10 Creative Ways to Stay Active and Healthy this Summer

This blog post offers 10 creative ways to stay active and healthy during the summer season. It covers a range of activities such as trying new outdoor sports, taking walks in nature, attending outdoor fitness classes, joining summer sports leagues, swimming, having picnics in the park, going on bike rides, playing outdoor games with friends, taking summer dance classes, and participating in charity walks or runs. These suggestions aim to help readers make the most of the summer while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.
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10 Office Fitness Challenge Ideas

It is always good to have some fun while working. Consistent activity can significantly reduce sick days, keep stress level lower and energy level higher. At the same time, at-work but non-formal activity helps to bond with colleagues and the company itself. This, in the other hand, means more motivated employees and better performance. But how to organize office fitness challenge?

Activity and Wellness KPI Report for Companies

When it comes down to physical activity goals one common factor for companies is that almost all wanted to see their employees be active and happy but only a few had any tools to measure the progress. So because of that we came up with activity KPI report. Read more about that in the article.

Exercise Challenge Ideas: Tips & Tricks

In addition to intrinsic motivation, we often need external stimulation. In the context of exercise challenge, external motivators are usually rewards and role models. That's why today we're introducing Tanel - a man whose colleagues ask him how he still gets those steps done and what the magic formula is. But what is the magic formula then?

Fitness Challenge App With Friends

Friends and friendships are a big part of our lives and it cannot be overlooked that they also have an impact on our health and well-being. Creating or maintaining a friendship is a kind of art and it is a privilege to be able to do so. The importance and importance of social connections are very important in our lives, and today we want to talk about what a person can do to develop and how to grow lasting friendships.

How to Involve More Employees With Your Company Fitness Challenge?

Company fitness challenges are a growing trend, which means that employers are increasingly choosing to contribute to the health of their employees. Given the constant technological advances and the growth of opportunities, this makes sense. Exercise has always been available to almost everyone, but as the years go by, so does the need to monitor and analyse movement.

How To Organize Fitness Fridays During Your Company Step Challenge?

As Company fitness challenges are getting more popular year by year, even month by month, it might get a bit more difficult to keep these inclusive after years. For that, we have also written a blog post with 52 wellness challenge ideas. But if that's not enough, there's also a trend that we want to open with that blog post – Fitness Fridays. 

How to Organize Mini Competitions as Company Fitness Challenges?

As the organisation of activity challenges is becoming more and more popular over time, at YuMuuv we try to create as many and as different types of challenges as possible, so that things do not get monotonous. If long-term challenges are already starting to leave a bitter taste in your mouth, a good sweetener is a mini competition. It helps to get out of the routine for a while and maybe even set a slightly more intense pace.

How To Spice Up a Corporate Fitness Challenge?

A very growing trend is to create in-house activity challenges. Some companies organise them to build up a corporate culture of activity. Others create challenges to bring team members closer to each other. Others celebrate an important moments for the company through activity. The motivation is different, but the result is perhaps the same - to enjoy moving together and to find colleagues with common interests through challenges. 
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How Ultimate Walking Challenge Changed a Life?

There are always people around us who inspire and motivate us in at least one area of life. At Yumuuv, we see many such role models, especially those who stand out for being more active than the average person. Today, we're bringing out from behind the curtains one of these YuMuuvers who are over 100% active at the end of every month and never misses a step. Someone who stands out from the crowd and who totally inspires others.

Physical Activity Infographic 2022

Are there links between the YuMuuv user's device type, age, gender, and activity? If so, which ones? Read more about the findings from thousands of users data and learn what could be implemented for your company.

Staying active during summertime

Summer can be a difficult time to be active. The heat. Humidity. Different events. Laying on the beach. And everything else that goes with summer. Instead of working out, I'd like to sit in front of the AC with my loved ones, watch a good TV show and eat popcorn. Luckily, there are still some really fun and easy ways to burn off the calories you've eaten in the summer and maintain the summer shape you've chased in the spring.

Walking 10 000 steps a day during your company fitness challenge

We all probably know the magical number of daily steps, 10 000. We track steps with our activity monitors or smart phones and if at the end of the day, we haven't reached our step goal, we are walking back and forth at our homes. Familiar? But is it scientifically proven that 10 000 steps a day is a must have? Are we happier or healthier if we take these steps? Let's find out!
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Wellness Challenges Increase Team Mental Health

We look at exercising as an opportunity to lose weight or grow a muscle. And that's absolutely right, it improves our physique, but it is actually much more than physical health. People, who stay active throughout years, have usually reached their goal body image, but still wake up early to do a workout before work. Why?

Wellness Tips for the Workplace

As employee wellness programs are getting more popular month by month, we get asked more often how to do them successfully. The success indicators differ depending on a corporation size, average employees age and the culture in the company, but there's one thing we are sure, should increase the participation percent and the results' relevance.

What Are Active Minutes and How To Collect Them?

Looking at the title, you might be under the impression that as you read on, you'll discover the ancient secret of how to get your daily minutes of activity without too much effort during office fitness challenge. Almost, but not quite! Because moving and getting to move after (or before) a long day at work is usually an emotional war between our two ears, today we're publishing a few ways to get your heart pumping faster with less mental effort.