Wellness Competition

How Wellness Competitions Will Help Your Employees

Since wellness has become a more topical topic within the last few years and it is still becoming a bigger part of our time, we thought it would be useful to put the main points together.

Over the years now, we all have discovered more mobile ways to keep our health, wellbeing and wellness in the right place. That only encourages us to take care of the most important person in our lives – ourselves. That needs to be done either mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.

Mental Wellness Competitions

These are interesting ones – on the one side you can measure the results, but on the other hand it is impossible to create the ranking. The only person to compete through mental health is the one looking at you in the mirror. We have also written a blog post about how to increase your team's mental health

Through well-being competitions or corporate exercise challenges, it seems hard not to increase your mental well-being. The magic behind that is science – moving your body will cause neural growth in your brain. For example, fitness challenges help to deal with mental illnesses, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and so on. 

In addition to science, wellness competitions also help to increase mental health because of the time we put into it. We take time off, we turn daily thoughts off and just focus on the moment. This is a skill to practise outside the gym as well - to enjoy and notice things in the present. We have also written a blog post to help you when the employee claims stress at work.

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Physical Health Through the Corporate Fitness Challenges

I bet that chapter is not full of big surprises, we all have got physical education from school. But for many reasons that could be the reason why some people do not like to move in their adulthood. You only need one bad memory from primary school and it can haunt you your whole life. 

On the one hand, corporate fitness challenges are not the best way to get over it, but on the other hand it is the best one. At the beginning it might take some more time to get on board for those people, but at least they have the support group around. Especially when the team challenge is running. 

So the wellness competition challenges give external stimulation for the employees that already move a lot and maybe even find a workout buddy, but these also give a safe environment to the people that are not used to moving. We have also written a blog post about exercise challenge ideas, that one of our users Tanel used to create a habit to move.

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Good Sleeps Ensures Better Place in the Wellness Competition

It is not a well hidden secret that good sleep will help your employees to get better results, have higher motivation and be more productive. So if it  is not necessary to measure wellness competition's results, the best way (and maybe even only way) to do it, is through work results. 

Of course, good sleep needs a right temperature and good mattress, but there is a big part of quality sleep hidden in exercise. Especially when doing it outside. It is easier to fall asleep when you have reduced the stress level, burned all extra energy and had a bunch of fresh air. That means the sleep schedule will be in good shape and so will you.

When you are in a lack of ideas how to reach that good sleep, but also become stronger either mentally or physically, then we have written a blog post with 52 wellness challenge ideas.

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Corporate Fitness Challenges Will Increase Social Wellness

As corporate fitness challenges put your employees into a situation, where they can see each other's results and ranking table, it is so normal that people start to talk more – they have a common topic now. It is especially important nowadays when most of us work from home. 

We have heard many fun stories about active employees, who have to make powerpoint presentations about “how to collect activity minutes?” and “How to find motivation to exercise consistently?”. That also means the teams are getting closer even when they work far from each other.

And when the teams are getting closer, the work results will also get better and quicker. That means people do not work in the company not just to get paid, but to succeed. And that should be every employer's goal. But how?

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How To Organise Your Wellness Competition

We have made that part of the challenge very easy – a lot of tools with different varieties of corporate fitness challenges, automatic activities to save your time and bunch of blog posts with tips and tricks. For example, the one, where we wrote abot how to create a step challenge.

Also admin manuals for you to navigate easily in the app and user manuals to get your employees fast on board. In addition, communication templates with important information for you to send out and the full annual plan you can insert all in once, just in 10 minutes.

We have customer support and help center so you don't have to deal with employee's problems or technical questions. We have an automatic ranking sheet about your employees, but also with all the companies that are moving with YuMuuv. And a lot more just to help you enjoy that journey with others as well with minimal managing effort!

So if you are as excited as we are to move together, then contact us and let's get these steps done!