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A Comprehensive Guide to the Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Spending time outdoors has been proven to have numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. Research shows that time in nature can reduce stress, improve mood, boost cognitive function, and even lower blood pressure and chronic disease risk. Incorporating outdoor time into daily routines can have significant benefits for overall well-being.

10 Creative Ways to Stay Active and Healthy this Summer

This blog post offers 10 creative ways to stay active and healthy during the summer season. It covers a range of activities such as trying new outdoor sports, taking walks in nature, attending outdoor fitness classes, joining summer sports leagues, swimming, having picnics in the park, going on bike rides, playing outdoor games with friends, taking summer dance classes, and participating in charity walks or runs. These suggestions aim to help readers make the most of the summer while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.
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Can Peer Support Help Employees Quit Cigarettes?

Smoking negatively impacts workplace productivity, with smoke breaks costing an estimated $3,077 annually in lost productivity and smokers taking more sick leaves compared to non-smokers. Peer support and social networks, including digital apps and wellness platforms, can help employees quit smoking by providing accountability and motivation. Additionally, employers can invest in alternative products like nicotine replacement therapy and nicotine pouches to support employees in reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
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How to Beat the Afternoon Slump: Summer Edition

This blog article explores the science behind the afternoon slump during the summer season and provides effective strategies to enhance employee wellness and overcome the dip in productivity. By implementing morning routines, making mindful lunch choices, staying hydrated, taking breaks in natural light, incorporating power napping and energizing snacks, stimulating the mind, and promoting workplace wellness programs, companies can support their employees in maintaining optimal energy levels and productivity throughout the day.
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How to Beat the Heat and Stay Safe While Exercising Outdoors

In this article, we delve into effective techniques to beat the heat and ensure safety while exercising outdoors. We discuss the importance of choosing the right time for workouts, embracing early mornings or late evenings to avoid intense heat. We also explore the significance of selecting appropriate attire, staying hydrated, seeking shade, and listening to your body's cues to prevent heat-related ailments.
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How To Reduce Sickness Absence in the Workplace?

The cost of an employee’s sick days is a huge expense for the employer. Research shows a clear link between an employee’s physical activity and the number of sick days. Based on broad calculations, a 1€ that company spends on YuMuuv means an average savings of 5.7€.
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MOVEmber Momentum: A Focus on Movement (and Men's Health)

In the age of digital technology, the MOVEmber campaign finds a powerful ally to promote men's health and encourage physical activity. The article delves into the synergies between wellness apps, virtual communities, and data analytics, highlighting how platforms like YuMuuv contribute to sustaining the momentum beyond November.
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Navigating November with Neuroscience: A 5-Step Guide to Well-Being

Explore science-backed strategies to improve both your physical and mental health during the often dreary and challenging month of November. From optimizing your sleep-wake cycle to adopting intermittent fasting, this comprehensive guide draws on the expertise of leading neuroscientists to help you stay healthy and vibrant as winter approaches.
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Physical Activity Level Calculator

YuMuuv has a unique method to distinguish physical activity measuring from athletic ability. It combines the average of various parameters related to physical activity (steps taken, intensity minutes collected with a moderately high heart rate, calories burned). Read moe
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Summer Fitness Trends to Try This Year

This blog article explores the top summer fitness trends tailored for employees looking to prioritize their wellness. From outdoor group workouts and high-intensity interval training to mindful movement and virtual fitness experiences, these trends offer opportunities to boost physical fitness, mental clarity, and overall well-being during the summer season.
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Turn October Pink: Spearheading a Wellness Challenge in Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023

This October 2023, YuMuuv unveils a landmark initiative that marries corporate wellness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month through a dynamic range of activities centered around education, communal sharing, and physical health. Companies worldwide are encouraged to engage actively, creating nurturing environments where empathy and awareness flourish, promoting not only physical well-being but a culture grounded in mutual respect and understanding.
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Wellness Challenges Increase Team Mental Health

We look at exercising as an opportunity to lose weight or grow a muscle. And that's absolutely right, it improves our physique, but it is actually much more than physical health. People, who stay active throughout years, have usually reached their goal body image, but still wake up early to do a workout before work. Why?

Wellness Tips for the Workplace

As employee wellness programs are getting more popular month by month, we get asked more often how to do them successfully. The success indicators differ depending on a corporation size, average employees age and the culture in the company, but there's one thing we are sure, should increase the participation percent and the results' relevance.
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YuMuuv Rises as Endomondo Alternative

Some time ago, information reached the public that the Endomondo movement application, which is loved by Europeans, will be closed at the end of the year. This means millions of users all around the globe will start looking for alternatives to measure their activity behaviour in the new year at the latest