Endomondo alternative

YuMuuv Rises as Endomondo Alternative

Some time ago, information reached the public that the Endomondo movement application, which is loved by Europeans, will be closed at the end of the year. This means millions of users all around the globe will start looking for alternatives to measure their activity behaviour in the new year at the latest. Apparently, for so many, this news may have been unexpected, but on closer inspection, it was a logical turn of events. Why did this happen and what will happen next?

Endomondo began in an era when physical activity watches were widespread only among athletes. However, the interest in measuring one's own movement was clearly wider, which is why for many, tracking distance and speed based on phone's location data, seemed so exciting. For the person who cares about health, however, the main desire was never to have in-depth data on movement specifics to performance sports, but rather to assess one's own active behavior and health indicators.

Today, as a quality brand 24/7 heart rate measuring devices are available for as little as €99, ​​the vast majority of people have purchased either sports watch / activity monitors (Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, etc.) or smart watch (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc.). This means that these manufacturers also give their users automatic access to the brand's own platform, which is many times more advanced than Endomondo (in every way in terms of the abundance, accuracy, convenience and analytics of its data). Thus, the need to measure location based data separately with the telephone has disappeared.

However, there is another important reason why Endomondo was so loved - namely, it gave people the opportunity to compare their movement data with others and take part in challenges. It is in this area that there may be a larger gap because of Endomondo. But who could fill it and how?

In February of this year, when the YuMuuv team participated in the Brain Hunt, an article was written about us, which sounded a bit strange at the time - YuMuuv throws a glove at Endomondo. However, if we look forward to 8 months in time, then giving credit to the truth, at least in Estonia this is exactly what has happened. Today, our clients include several well-known companies (such as Bolt, Swedbank, Telia, Synlab, Selver, etc.), many of which have moved forward with YuMuuv based on Endomondo's experience. So what exactly is YuMuuv?

YuMuuv is a next generation platform promoting active behavior, which today is focused on companies and their employees, but we are also expanding our reach to training groups, schools and other communities. In YuMuuv, people integrate their activity device, from which the data automatically reaches the platform. From this, each user can compare their data with the recommended standards, the averages of their colleagues as well as other companies. More broadly, however, we are building a community whose primary focus is on promoting physical activity rather than measuring athletic ability. So life goes on, because of that we encourage you too to step into tomorrow's future today!