How To Organize a Company Fitness Challenge

How To Organize a Good Company Fitness Challenge?

YuMuuv has been on a mission to lead a positive breakthrough in physical activity trends since its foundation. So why does it matter and why should it matter to you? We all enjoy the technological advancement that makes our lives more comfortable. But if we are truly honest, we also recognize that there is another side of that coin – the magnetic pull towards physical passivity (if we are not consciously doing our best to be active).

Since the beginning of this millennial there has been only a trend towards global decline of physical activity – meaning more than 36.8% of the worlds population does not move enough. The problem is even twice as worse in high income countries. Of course there have always been amazing individuals, but to have a true corporate culture swims against the tide requires a very conscious and consistent action plan from HR.

This is the reason why YuMuuv has launched a new challenge type called “consistency”. So what is it all about? We have all been previously familiar with leaderboards that sum the total amount of users effort. It can be effective way to motivate people, but it can also mean huge variety in daily activity habits with unwanted but communicated message – more equals always better.

The new challenge flips that around. Everything will be measured through consistency, so the question will be about how many days in a certain period are you going to meet a daily set goal. It can be measured in steps (for example how many days a year are you hitting 10k steps), minutes or through activity formula (for example are you exceeding 100% activity at least 5 days a week).

Our belief is that this will become a corner stone method of how activity is measured in a corporate setting. Finally, to implement what Craig Groeschel said related to personal habits over to corporate setting related to measuring physical activity – we believe that successful companies do consistently what others do occasionally. Be the successful one!

Consistency challenge