Wellness KPI report

Activity and Wellness KPI Report for Companies

As individuals set new goals for the new year, so do companies. With goals, one of the important things to keep in mind is that it is impossible to understand whether we progress unless we measure it. 

So when it comes down to physical activity one common factor we noticed after talking with many companies was that almost all wanted to see their employees be active and happy but only a few had any tools to measure the current state as well as the progress.

So based on that, YuMuuv has been doing its best to continuously aggregate valuable data. Lately, we came up with this report which will be explained in detail below but is a monthly KPI sheet for companies related to their physical activity and health.

User Metrics

  1. Total users – this number reflects employees who have made an account in YuMuuv app. It is good to compare this number with your total employees' number. Anything above 40% participation rate is above average, but we have seen some companies also reach above 90% level.
  2. Active users – we want to be very transparent with our customers, showing how many employees actually use the app. Getting active users' numbers up requires effort from the YuMuuv side as we continuously develop a better app as well as from companies side, who would organize meaningful challenges for its employees.
  3. Registered users – that number reflects how many new people joined as YuMuuv users. As you hire new employees, make sure they know that they can have access to the app.
  4. Users with HR monitors - this is an important metric to know what kind of challenges can you organize to who. If users just use their phone to track activity, it will be limited in its data points, but with heart-rate monitors, the variety of different variables is many times wider.

Behavior Metrics

  1. Median activity – we also call this as North Star KPI, because this shows how active is the median employee (user) in your company. Over time you will understand what are the activity trends in your company.
  2. Exemplary active - this number reflects how many people are exceeding the 100% level. This level reflects the maximum health benefits line, which is backed by scientific research (anything above may increase athletic capability, but not necessarily health).
  3. Most active day – see when were your employees most active during last month. If you have any special initiatives, you can see whether this reflects in the report.
  4. Sector comparison – this number reflects how your company is doing compared to other similar companies in your industry who use the YuMuuv app. It is always good to at least have access to that information as you set your goals.
  5. Most active group* - if a company uses the group's tab, it will be clear which group is most active.

People Metrics

  1. Most active – this list contains people who are most active in their lifestyle. Role models for sure, but ultimately keep in mind that the goal is to exceed recommended activity not to become an athlete.
  2. Most engaged – this reflects the people who most actively use the YuMuuv application. These are probably also the ones who often inspire others to join and participate.
  3. Most advanced – these are people who made the most progress compared to last month. A good list to celebrate because the goal is ultimately to become a better version of yourself.

Activity Metrics

  1. Total steps – this is a summary number of how many steps were recorded by the companies´ employees who used the app.
  2. Total calories – this is a summary number of how many kilocalories were burnt by the company employees who used the app. Notice several phones do not record that data.
  3. Total minutes – this is a summary of minutes that employees collected above their 65% max heart rate. This will be relevant only for the users who use heart-rate monitors.

Challenge Metrics

  1. Challenges started – see whether your employees had a chance to participate in the challenge that ended that month. Also keeps you
  2. Challenges ended – see how many employees joined the challenge you organized. It is good to compare it also with total users.
  3. Challenge(s) participants – this number reflects employees who exceeded the goal that was set by you. Make sure you celebrate that.

Here is also a visual overview example of this report.
Company activity report

In time as we add more data points, the report will get even more precise, but we still want to keep this simplicity in our approach. For more detailed questions please contact your customer success manager or send an email to info@yumuuv.com.