Activity Challenge

How to sell the idea of activity challenges to your employer?

You are thinking of moving with colleagues? Would you like to improve your exercise habits or do you see colleagues as great workout buddies? That's great, but how do you sell the idea of activity challenges to your boss? Let's figure it out together.

A simple way to reduce the number of sick days taken by employers

We have talked about the link between sick days and exercise on our blog before. In a nutshell, activity breaks are a very easy way to reduce sick days for employers. This is also shown by various studies - for example, according to Eurostat, the amount of money paid out in sickness benefits in EU Member States is increasing every year. 

For example, while in 2014, €138 billion or 1% of the EU GBD was paid out in sickness benefits in EU Member States, in 2016 it was already €1,194 billion, or a total of 8% of the EU GBD. The 7% increase in just two years alone makes you sick inside.

There is actually a simple explanation for this if you look at the studies that prove that people who exercise at least 3 times a week (heart rate at least 55% of max heart rate for 20 to 60 minutes) have several fewer days of sick leave per year - more than one day in two months. 

So now let's think about it together: let's say there are 100 people in a collective, and if you get the whole collective moving through activity challenges, statistically there will be more than 100 days of sickness absence in two months. Obviously, this is a statistic and we all take sick days, it is a question of frequency and length of sick leave.


Quality of the relationships at work

The bigger the company, the fewer people we know - mostly our own staff and a few faces from outside. However, there is a solution to this "problem" in the form of activity challenges. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to create that personal link between different teams or departments. Especially if they are located in different countries or just in a large company. That's where activity challenges come in - these are designed to engage employees and strengthen cooperation between them.

On the YuMuuv platform, you can see the names of all the colleagues who have joined the challenge, ranked by results. This means that if two "strangers" discover they have similar exercise habits, they have a common topic to talk about and maybe even a chance to exercise together. 

This, in turn, means closer and higher quality relationships among colleagues, which in turn increases employee satisfaction with the workplace. To prove this, we have some good examples in our case studies section.


Increase in company reputation

It is really cool how companies' reputations grow after creating activity challenges and sharing them on their channels. And that's both among your employees and beyond. 

Recent research shows that today 40% of employees are more loyal to their employer if they feel that the benefits it offers have a positive impact on their lives. Is it more work at the desk, more awareness, or the growing number of people who own activity devices? 

Ultimately, it does not matter, but what does matter is that physical activity is becoming more and more important to your employees. This is also a positive benefit when recruiting new employees because, as mentioned earlier, they feel that, in addition to the financial side, the company is also supporting their development as a person physically. And not under duress, but when the employee feels that he or she wants to move, and in the way he or she likes. 


Why YuMuuv?

In YuMuuv we have made managing the challenges very simple for you. Starting with admin manuals for you to navigate easily in the app and user manuals to get your employees fast on board. In addition, communication templates with important information for you to send out and the full annual plan you can insert all in once, just in 10 minutes.

We have customer support and help center so you don't have to deal with employee's problems or technical questions. We have an automatic ranking sheet about your employees, but also with all the companies that are moving with YuMuuv. And a lot more just to help you enjoy that journey with others as well with minimal managing effort!