Annual Employee Wellness Program Example

Annual Employee Wellness Program Example

Every single HR manager who I have ever talked to has stated that their company cares about their employees' health. It is true, but we should also remember that great physical activity habits or needed behavioral changes are only going to be happening and tested over a long period of time. Because there are often so much different tasks on the table of HR managers, they just lack the time or energy to implement a clear year-long plan to advance their employees' health and activity. This might result then in a lesser version of a short-term event, although the hope is long-term activity engagement.

This is why YuMuuv has jumped in and wants to make you successful in what you do with minimal effort. We have laid out a plan which could be implemented with 10 minutes, but which will have an effect on the entire year - resulting in healthier, happier, and more productive employees. One of many draft plans for a possible year-long program:

Month 1: Individual Consistency Step Challenge

In the beginning, you want to start with a low barrier or entry, so everyone can jump on board. An individual step challenge is great for that. Note that also important part is that you make the goal easy enough so all early adopters will experience success. This is not a show-off, but habit building goal. So go for example with doing 8000 steps 16 days out of 30 and reward consistency.

Month 2: Collective Total Calories Challenge

Now you already have some people with great rhythm and excitement. Let them be the ambassadors to get even more people on board. This is why you should run collective challenges so no one who is less active does not feel pressure to be under the spotlight. Calories are also a good metric to predict an outcome, which means you can connect the goal with your company’s identity. Let’s say you are a 20 million valuation company with 250 employees. Why not run a fun “exceed our valuation” challenge?

Month 3: Individual Total Activity Challenge

As people are already used with YuMuuv app, it is now time to get them familiar with YuMuuv activity formula concept. This is also a chance for bright stars to shine as you collect the total amount, but make sure you set the goal so high that enough people with good effort can overcome it. If the goal is above 66% for example, then you know that anyone who exceeds that is more active than half of YuMuuv’s user-base. So make sure you recognize everyone who puts in the effort.

Month 4: Rest

Every human being needs some rest. So do your employees. But make sure you make the rest meaningful. This is the first chance for you to analyze whether people are getting more or less active without a challenge and do you notice any long term change.

Month 5: Collective Group (Median) Minutes Challenge

To get things running again, a small competition is good. Basically, you would want to get your department or country leaders behind pushing their teams to be active. So this challenge is all about teams unity.

Month 6: Collective Total Steps Challenge

Once you got people to compete, it is time to lead them to do something higher than themselves - a charity challenge. For example, donate 100€ to the local non-profit for every million steps you make together.

Month 7: Individual Consistency Formula Challenge

This is the most meaningful concept and challenge that YuMuuv really has since it reflects the active lifestyle habits. Set a good and realistic goal - for example, 20 days out of 30 days exceed 80% activity and see how the daily habit is building up. Also, encourage users to share different ways they collect activity through pictures or memes.

Month 8: Rest

Let your employees take a breath. This is very interesting for you to collect micro-narrative stories to share them to build up a recognisable culture.

Month 9: Group Consistency Formula

Start where you ended, but just with group model. So go after consistency together as a team and see if this motivates people to be even more active.

Month 10: Individual Total Steps

A great way to do the “old and known”. Just get people used with walking or running and you have implemented a well-known office step challenge.

Month 11: TOP25 Company Ranking Challenge

This is a great challenge to end the year with. Mobilize everyone behind the company with a common goal with identify and experience success together. Once you achieve great results compared to other companies similar to yours, it is time to celebrate together.

Month 12: Rest

Once again a good time to do some summary analytics and see the year-long progress. This also helps you to set even clearer goals for next year to come so you can beat whoever your company was yesterday.

Remind yourself, this is just a template. If you want to save some time and be smart, just book a demo, and we set you and your company up for a year-long success with just minutes. Always stay active!