What Are the Benefits of a Fitness Tracker?

What Are the Benefits of a Fitness Tracker?

As an evolving society, we have the great privilege of being able to monitor and control much of our surroundings through technology. Phones wake us up at the time we want in the morning, robotic vacuum cleaners clean our floors at the times we set, and cameras monitor pets left alone at home. The whole feeling of being in control of things that are in our power creates a sense of security and peace of mind.

But if we have so much control over our surroundings, surely there should be a peace of mind about what is happening inside us. Nowadays, there's a range of activity monitors to suit all tastes, regardless of age or gender. But why should a single watch be an indispensable device on your arm and is an activity monitor worth the price?

10k Steps a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

There is probably no one who has not heard of the 10 000 steps rule. It has been calculated that this is the minimum number of steps that a person should take in a day to keep immunity strong and blood circulation functioning normally. Smartphones also count steps in your pocket, but the advantage of an activity monitor is that it is continuous and unobtrusive reading.

From my own experience, before I bought an activity monitor, I rarely tracked my steps during the day, because I knew that my phone was away from me most of the day, and so it wouldn't have the right information anyway. After I bought activity monitor, however, I track steps every day and my motivation for example to walk, instead of using public transport, has increased significantly. Or is it just awareness?

Counting Calories

Do you know how many calories you should burn in a day as a minimum? Or which activity burns the most calories? That's where the activity monitor comes in again - it tells you how many calories you've burned after each workout and also counts your resting calories. These are type of calories that your body burns itself at rest.

This means that through the calories burned, you'll also know how many calories you should restore with food. Again, thanks to the monitor, we can become more aware of the processes going on in our bodies.

Heart Rate Measuring

Heart rate is probably one of the most important health indicators we can monitor on a daily basis. The lower the heart rate, the better. This means that the more active a person is, the lower their heart rate will be, both at rest and when exercising because their basal rate is in check.

The activity monitor measures your heart rate 24/7 and allows the user to monitor it too. It allows us to monitor your heart rate over time - for example, during exercise, so we don't overexert ourselves; the improvement/decrease in your basal rhythm and its recovery between different activity levels. We have control and insight into what the heart is doing inside us.

Get Your 8 Hours

The heart rate monitor also allows us to monitor our sleep time and its quality. Through your heart rate, the activity monitor can measure when and how deeply you sleep, even when you dream, and for how long you are in different sleep levels.

Through this, we become more aware of the conditions in which we get the best quality sleep, and perhaps it also makes it easier to wake up in the mornings - if you have the right amount of good sleep, your body will wake up more easily in the mornings.

Other Features

In addition, monitors have a huge range of features, depending on the manufacturer. For example, the monitor alerts you when you need to do breathing exercises, reminds you to take your medication, measures blood oxygen levels, measures the decibels of sounds around you to prevent damage to your ears and many more.


The things you can find out about your health thanks to the activity monitor are invaluable. The opportunity to monitor and improve your health every day is well worth the price. Activity monitors come in all price ranges and to suit all tastes, so it's important to consider the features of the monitor and what your needs are before you buy.

If you feel that, in addition to monitoring your own health, you'd like to get your colleagues on board and move towards better health together, contact us and let's move together!