Virtual activity & Workplace health

Why Are Virtual Fitness Challenges Trending?

Regarding the size of the company, impacts from the covid era have been forcing companies to re-evaluate their plans related to workplace health. There have been several changes to notice, but one of the key indications for the pioneer companies is that they do corporate fitness challenges. Why? In next paragraphs, I bring out 3 reasons for you to consider jumping on that same bandwagon. Workplace virtual activity challenges are:


The Safest Way To Advance Health

During these turbulent times, there are no companies that are looking to risk with its employees' health. So the question goes around what could companies do to advance their workplace health without any extra risks. Office fitness challenges are exactly the safest solution to consider.

Even if people are forced to be physically separated or distanced, it will give them the motivation to engage in the challenge which results them being physically more active. So organizing a corporate activity challenge is a no-brainer as far as risk-free workplace health advancement.

The Quickest Way To Break Barriers

Although companies culture trends move towards more flat structure, there are still so many social and digital boundaries within its employees. YuMuuv has gotten a lot of positive feedback when it comes to breaking through these barriers. It is exceptional that people with so different roles and backgrounds can find so easily connectedness to each other through an active lifestyle. This is the way to build unity and relationships between people. Especially we recommend you using activity formula-based challenges which reward effort, not talent. it is attractive because anyone can succeed.

The Best Way To Remotely Impact Real Behavior

Last, but not least - having an impact on real life. There are many things that we do digitally, but most never translate into any kind of behavioral change in real life. With office steps challenges all the social engagement is happening around real behavioral change. Getting to be part of the stories where people have been inspired to move in the right direction related to their health building, creates so much more attractive culture where employees feel connectedness. This results more than a 30% lower turnover rate.

There are several other reasons to consider, but this should be enough to start a conversation. Book a demo now and let’s make you successful in what you do!