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How to Activate Your Workplace Fitness Culture?

As we all know, physical activity also helps to keep our mental health in a good place. So why not to start a new year with workplace wellness challenges and make 2022 count?! Read our blog post about wellness challenge ideas for 2022.

Or if that's too much to handle then we also have a blog post with an annual employee wellness program example. It takes 10 minutes to insert, and during the whole year you only have to do the communication with your own employees. But why some workplace fitness challenges have better flow and higher results? Let's find out!

Communication During Office Fitness Challenge

Communication before the challenge might be even the most important part of the challenge. To get the best employee engagement possible, it's really important to give time to your employees to get used to with an idea to participate in a team challenge. So the communication should start at least a week before the challenge starts. That makes time to get on board late awakeners, but also employees, who have technical problems at the beginning.

But communication should be active during the whole challenge. And the earlier you give that shirt to employees to fill themselves, the easier is admins' life. That means create a place, where participants can communicate (Slack channel for example) and encourage employees to share their daily activities. So they will motivate each other to move and successful step challenge guaranteed!

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Higher Percentage Participants With Fitness Trackers

We have seen a wide common line between successful challenges, and that's fitness trackers usage. Fitness trackers help participants to keep an eye on their activity. Of course nowadays smart phones track steps and calories, but when participants have trackers on their hands, it counts their every step, measure heart rate and so on.

So participants have higher motivation to move, because their results are correct and they do not feel there is some data missing. So if you are wondering what to set as a prize for the challenge then you have our recommendation!


Prizes for a Walking Challenge

But talking about prizes, these are good motivators to move! As Victor Vroom has introduced the theory that employees are motivated to make an effort when they know that they get wanted prizes after that. Usually, it is an enterprise's success, salary increase, some compensation or physical things. Main point is that it should increase their quality of life.

You have started a corporate fitness challenge, but do not know what to set as a prize? These don’t have to be big and expensive, especially when you are giving them to more than one employee. Better be smaller, but give them to more people. But we have made a whole blog post about prizes for a corporate fitness challenge so make sure to check it out.

We think these are the main points to follow to have a successful corporate fitness challenge. So if you are as excited as we are to move together, then contact us and let's get these steps done!