Wellness Plan

Activity Focused Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Each company takes a unique route to map its wellness initiatives. In this article, there is a roadmap for a company that wants to implement well thought through plan that inspires employees to be more physically active in different ways.

Highest Variety Annual Wellness Plan 2023

When it comes down to your company's annual wellness challenge plan, there are several ways to build it up. In this article, there will be laid out the option that consists of the most variety as far as activities to keep people continuously engaged.

Most Inclusive Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Building a highly engaging wellness plan means that it has to be very inclusive. This is why YuMuuv took extra time to map out an annual wellness plan that will be defined as the most inclusive one to keep it easy to participate for everyone.

YuMuuv Team Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Do you want to guide your employees to an active lifestyle in the new year, or your employees are already active and big fans of YuMuuv challenges and you just need a new and exciting plan for the new year for your employees to be even more active and healthy, but you don't have a good idea and would like to see for inspiration what others do? Don’t worry, we got you!