Activity Focused Annual Plan

Activity Focused Annual Wellness Plan 2023

Are you looking for a plan to get your company or team to become more physically active? If that's the case, then YuMuuv Activity Focused Annual Wellness Plan is exactly the one that will help you. This is a year-long challenges plan that inspires employees to do one unique activity-related challenge each month.

The plan consists of individual, team, and collective challenges that build engagement through healthy habits. We have also modified the plan in a way that people of different ages and physical shapes can participate and feel that they can succeed here. So take a look at what is the offering that we can implement for you with 3 easy clicks.

1. January 2023: Calories Conqueror!

Activity: Calories

Type: Collective

Target: Number of participants x 69 000 kcal

Most of us want to start a new year with new ambitions which often include getting in better shape as well. For several of us it often the enthusiasm might die away within couple first weeks. That is why the collective calories challenge is a perfect way to start. There is accountability, but as well collective push through a high variety of activities that advance you in the goal. The ideal target might be the number of people times 69k kcal per person.

2. February 2023: Active Is Attractive!

Activity: Activity Index

Type: Total amount / Individual

Target: 80% of activity

For February we mixed it up with YuMuuv's own Activity Formula, which consists sum of heart rate intensity minutes, steps, and calories. This is a unique way to measure activity in the way that it reflects effort more than physical shape. This way everyone stays motivated. 80% is a good median goal that requires some effort but is achievable for all.

3. March 2023: Planking Out Without Blanking Out!

Activity: Planking

Type: Total amount / Teams (5 members)

Target: 300 minutes

In March all you need is 1 square meter of room and fix your body in plank. This is a very good core muscle exercise that can be done by anyone. But because we want to make sure that everyone is well reminded about the goal, we created this as a team challenge where participants need to achieve the 300-minute total goal together with the other 4 members.


4. April 2023: Moving One Feet at a Time

Activity: Running/Walking

Type: Total amount / Individual

Target: 69 miles / 111 km 

As the weather gets nicer, people tend to want to go outside more easily on their own. That is why we have chosen to do a running/walking challenge. There is a total amount goal of 69 miles / 111 km to be achieved. Since the pace is up to participants, it should be achievable during April with normal effort.

5. May 2023: Sitting on the Air Chair

Activity: Squatting

Type: Consistency / Individual

Target: 50 squats x 16 days out of 31

In May there is another option to put your legs to the test. This time we encourage employees to do at least 50 squats a day for more than half of the days in a month. Air squatting is a good exercise that can be modified in the direction needed. If 50 seems too low for some, they can always add additional weight. On the contrary, if it seems too much you could use rubber bands of modifying the movement mobility.


6. June 2023: More Miles = More Smiles

Activity: Distance

Type: Total amount / Teams (5 members)

Target: 480 miles / 772 km

The way to start summer is once again to team people up and aim for a distance goal. This time we have pre-set it up to 480 miles / 772 km. The good part of the team goal is that it can be achieved in different movement types like running, cycling, rollerblading, etc. Either it is certain that by moving more there will be people smiling more.

7. July 2023: Shimming Sea, Swimming Free

Activity: Swimming

Type: Consistency / Individual

Target: 1 mile (1.6km) x 8 days out of 31

As July is one of the warmest months in many places all around the world, it is a good time to inspire people to swim. This is an important life skill that in most countries is learned at a young age, but in case someone still feels help is needed, can use different aids. The goal itself is consistency-based and individual-focused. Each participant should complete 8 times 1-mile swim during June.


8. August 2023: Crank the Feet, Breeze the Heat

Activity: Cycling

Type: Collective

Target: Number of participants x 207 miles (333km)

In August there will be a collective cycling challenge where each individual can contribute their effort for the greater cause. Most often collective goals are collected with charity donations or some type of outcome because of it. Another good part about the cycling challenge is that participants hopefully take this movement type with them to their daily routine in autumn.

9. September 2023: Steptember Start

Activity: Steps

Type: Consistency / Teams (5 members)

Target: 40 000 steps x 20 days out of 30

September is always good for Steptember, meaning it is time to do the most classic challenge type of all time. To give it at least some spice, we offer that as a team consistency challenge. This means each 5-member team has to make 40k steps for at least 20 days out of 30. With this approach, each team can bring in front their strengths, but feel still as one unit.

10. October 2023: Immensity Intensity

Activity: Intensity Minutes

Type: Total amount / Individual

Target: 600 minutes

In October it is all about intensity minutes. These are the ones you collect only through real effort as they are minutes above 65% of your maximum heart rate. The goal itself will be an individual total amount as everyone aims to achieve 600 minutes. It also supports the WHO standards regards to active movement and its benefits.


11. November 2023: Wassup? Push-Up!

Activity: Push-Ups

Type: Total amount / Teams (5 members)

Target: 1000 reps

In November there will be no excuses to make push-ups as people divide up into teams, 5 members in each, and try to get 1000 reps done by the end of the month. Everyone can contribute their effort and if needed for some to simply the movement, putting their knees on the floor will. Others again might find time to do push-ups with clapping in the middle. Important is that collective spirit and effort stay. 

12. December 2023: Exercise = Engagement

Activity: Exercise Time

Type: Collective

Target: people number x 1000 minutes

What would be the better way to end the year with another collective challenge? This time the goal is going to be 1000 exercise time minutes x participants number. Keep in mind that exercise time can be achieved through any type of activity. Either way, it will be still ambitious, but exactly the way you want to end the year with a great feeling of accomplishing something together. 

13. Conclusion

This was an overview regards to the highest variety of annual wellness plans. If it seemed that you would want to implement it the right way, just let us know and it will be done within 3 clicks. That was the overview of activity focused annual wellness plan. In case you are interested in implementing it, let us know and we will set it up for you. 

In case you feel that you need maybe another type of plan, make sure you take a look at our most inclusive annual wellness plan, the highest variety annual wellness plan, and YuMuuv Team's self-implemented annual wellness plan. In case you have a hard time making a decision, we are there for you to discuss your needs and help you in the process. Either way, stay active!