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Summer Wellness Challenges for the Office: Ideas for Keeping Employees Engaged

1. Introduction

This summer, why settle for the ordinary when you can infuse your workplace with extraordinary wellness challenges? Step outside the box and captivate your employees with innovative ideas that will ignite their passion for well-being. In this article, we present a range of unconventional summer wellness challenges designed to keep your employees engaged, energized, and excited throughout the season.

2. "Around the World" Fitness Challenge

Take your employees on a virtual fitness journey across the globe. Create a challenge where participants track their exercise minutes and convert them into miles. Set up a visual map displaying the progress of each participant or team as they virtually travel to different destinations. Encourage employees to research and share interesting facts about the countries they "visit," adding an educational component to the challenge. Offer rewards for reaching milestone destinations, such as cultural experiences or international cuisine.

3. Mindful Art Therapy

Promote mental well-being through mindful art therapy sessions. Provide art supplies and encourage employees to express themselves creatively during designated breaks. Offer various artistic activities like painting, drawing, or sculpting, and provide themes or prompts related to relaxation, stress relief, or personal growth. Consider inviting local artists or art therapists to lead workshops or provide guidance. Display the artwork in a designated area to showcase and celebrate employees' creativity.

mindful art

4. Sustainability Challenge

Harness the power of collective action by organizing a sustainability challenge. Encourage employees to adopt eco-friendly practices both inside and outside of the workplace. Set goals for reducing waste, conserving energy, or promoting sustainable transportation. Recognize and reward individuals or teams that make the most significant contributions toward sustainable living. Consider partnering with local environmental organizations or arranging workshops on sustainable living to enhance employee knowledge and engagement.

5. Wellness Olympics

Create an Olympics-inspired wellness challenge with a twist. Design a series of physical and mental activities that represent different "events." These can include desk yoga, brain teasers, relay races, or team-building exercises. Divide employees into teams and assign each team a country to represent. Encourage friendly competition and camaraderie as teams earn points for completing events. Host a closing ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments and present medals or customized awards.

wellness olympics

6. Community Service Scavenger Hunt

Combine team building, community engagement, and problem-solving in a community service scavenger hunt. Create a list of tasks that involve volunteering or supporting local charities or organizations. Employees can form teams and work together to complete the challenges within a specified timeframe. Tasks may include organizing a donation drive, cleaning up a local park, or assisting at a community event. Recognize and appreciate the teams that successfully complete the most tasks and make a positive impact.

7. Wellness Book Club

Establish a wellness-themed book club to encourage personal growth and foster a sense of community. Select books focused on physical and mental well-being, personal development, or work-life balance. Set aside regular meeting times for employees to discuss the books and share insights. Consider inviting authors to virtual or in-person Q&A sessions to enhance the reading experience. Offer incentives such as wellness-related book recommendations, bookmarks, or personalized journals.

wellness book

8. Outdoor Yoga Retreat

Organize a unique outdoor yoga retreat to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature. Find a serene location, such as a beach, park, or garden, where employees can participate in yoga and meditation sessions led by experienced instructors. Provide yoga mats and encourage employees to embrace the tranquility and serenity of the natural surroundings. Foster a sense of mindfulness and inner peace, allowing employees to recharge and find balance.

9. Self-Care Challenge

Inspire employees to prioritize self-care with a comprehensive self-care challenge. Create a self-care checklist with various activities for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Encourage employees to
complete a certain number of self-care activities each week, such as taking a bubble bath, practicing gratitude journaling, trying a new hobby, or indulging in a favorite treat. Recognize and reward participants who consistently prioritize their self-care and share their experiences.


10. Innovation Blitz

Ignite creativity and innovation within your workplace with an innovation blitz challenge. Set aside a specific period, such as a week or a month, where employees are encouraged to brainstorm and develop innovative ideas related to their work or industry. Provide resources and support, such as workshops, mentorship, or access to experts, to help employees refine and present their ideas. Celebrate the most innovative concepts and consider implementing them in your organization.

11. Virtual Fitness Classes

Bring fitness and wellness directly to your employees' homes by offering virtual fitness classes. Partner with fitness instructors or wellness experts to provide a variety of classes, including yoga, Zumba, HIIT, or meditation, conducted through video conferencing platforms. Create a schedule that accommodates different time zones and allow employees to join from anywhere. Encourage participation and provide incentives for regular attendees, such as fitness equipment or subscriptions to wellness apps.

virtual fitness

12. Gratitude Challenge

Cultivate a culture of gratitude by organizing a gratitude challenge. Provide each employee with a gratitude journal or online platform where they can record things they are grateful for each day. Encourage employees to share their entries or reflections with their colleagues, fostering a positive and supportive work environment. Consider organizing gratitude-themed activities, such as gratitude circles or gratitude letter-writing exercises, to deepen the impact of the challenge.

13. Sleep Wellness Program

Promote the importance of quality sleep with a sleep wellness program. Offer educational resources on sleep hygiene and provide tips for improving sleep quality. Organize sleep challenges that encourage employees to establish consistent sleep routines, limit screen time before bed, and create a restful sleep environment. Recognize and reward participants who demonstrate improved sleep patterns and share their strategies for achieving restful nights.

sleep wellness

14. Conclusion

This summer, invigorate your workplace with extraordinary wellness challenges that captivate and engage your employees. By embracing unique ideas and innovative approaches, you'll create a vibrant and supportive environment that promotes holistic well-being. From fitness journeys to art therapy, sustainability initiatives to community engagement, these unconventional challenges will inspire your employees to reach new heights and discover the joy of wellness in unexpected ways.