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The easiest way to turn sleeping into a health-promoting challenge

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Advance Productivity

The challenge of sleep is an extremely effective way to increase the productivity of your team. If the employer demonstrates through the introduction of an app that it contributes to the rest of the employees, it will also ensure significantly better results at work.

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Promote Health

Watching your sleep is an activity that everyone can do. By valuing sleep highly, it also helps the body to rest and maintain the employee's health much better. This in turn reduces the number of sick days.

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Increase Satisfaction

The rested employees are also clearly more satisfied. For the company, this ensures a better work culture, higher involvement and reduced labor turnover. A sleep challenge app will help you achieve all this.


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“We chose YuMuuv because we wanted to create a challenge, where it's easy to participate.”
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5 Reasons to Organize Sleep Challenge With YuMuuv


1. Accessible to Everyone

Creating a sleep challenge is extremely easy. In just a few minutes, you can create a motivating challenge for your team and invite participants to join. The details of the sleep challenge are up to you, but it's affordable for everyone. In addition, the YuMuuv team is always ready to help you along the way.


2. Fast Data Transmission

All participants can download the app and enter their progress during the challenge with just a few button movements. This will see an automatically updated table of someone's progress during the challenge.

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3. Inclusive communication

During the sleep challenge, you can use the chat feature to allow participants to communicate with their colleagues and share relevant images and messages. This further increases the involvement and motivation to participate successfully in the challenge.

Personal Approach

4. Detailed Analytics

The sleep challenge app allows the customer to constantly analyze the data and export it as desired. In this way, it is possible to share mid-term and final results and why not turn it into a marketing message for the company in building a health-promoting culture.


5. Motivated Employees

If employees achieve good results in the sleep challenge, they should be recognized for it. This increases employee satisfaction and makes them happier, which in turn ensures a more cohesive and healthy team for the company.


All features you need to organize a sleep challenge for your company.


Onboarding and customer support

We take great care to guarantee that each participant has the best possible experience when registering an account and taking part in the challenge.


Unlimited challenges

You can host an endless number of challenges in the activities of your choice. The free action challenge function ensures this.


Personal progress view

Everyone has access to a thorough report on their activity patterns and progress over time.



Chat allows users to converse with one another. Engagement is heightened by the exchange of images and experiences.


Groups and countries

They are available at the touch of a button if you wish to organize challenges by groups, departments, or countries.


Data export

The export tool makes it simple to get user activity data during or after a challenge.



We may include your company logo in the app, making the employee experience even more personalized.

Program management

Program management

YuMuuv is ready to assist with program administration if you want to ensure long-term success in creating a staff exercise and health program.


Advanced analytics

We provide frequent customers with the chance to acquire a more detailed study of their employees' behavior and how it has changed over time.


User management

The company's administrator can keep track of who has joined and make adjustments to the list as needed.


Monthly activity report

We provide the finest possible overview of the active behavior of the organization and its employees over time through monthly reports.


Multiple companies support

No matter how many corporations or organizations our users have linked to, a single YuMuuv user can always do so.

Heart rate

Device integrations

All of the greatest activity monitors and sports watches are automatically retrieved by our application.


User created challenges

All YuMuuv users can create their own challenges and invite up to 10 people to join them.

Manual entry

Manual entry

The option to manually enter data improves the capacity to challenge even those activities when the devices do not read the data themselves.


Annual planning with YuMuuv team

We can give ideas based on our team's experience on how to best put up your company's annual health and exercise plan.


Multiple languages

The YuMuuv app is available in 32 different languages worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Company ranking

This feature allows you to compare your company's activity statistics to that of other businesses in your industry.

YuMuuv is compliant with GDPR and CCPA

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Organize Additional Challenges For Free

Want to organize another type of challenge? The good news is that with the YuMuuv application, you can organize an unlimited number of challenges in any activity you want during the client period at no extra charge!

Walking Challenge

Walking challenge

It is certain that participants will be able to participate in the challenge because it is based on the most universal activity, walking. The movement of people who are unable to walk on their own might be turned into a challenge for the aim of inclusion.

Running Challenge

Running Challenge

If, for example, the firm intends to participate in a national marathon or other running competition as a group, creating a running challenge based on permanency is ideal for training.

Cycling Challenge

Cycling challenge

Many teams have members that enjoy cycling. This is a great opportunity to promote alternative modes of transportation even more. Both time and distance can be used to construct the aim.

Swimming Challenge

Swimming challenge

If there are those on your team who value swimming, this is a great way to promote it even more. At the same time, it is a good motivation to acquire the basics of swimming skills.

Activity Challenge

Activity challenge

Regardless of people's mobility choices, a challenge based on an activity formula can be used to assess activity in a consistent manner. In this method, the emphasis is placed on people's efforts rather than their athletic ability.

Exercise Time Challenge

Exercise time challenge

People at a firm often have varied interests that they want to pursue. A training-based common challenge ensures that all employees can participate in the activities they enjoy most while still comparing them to one another.

Distance Challenge

Distance challenge

A chance to motivate individuals to walk longer distances, regardless of their preferred mode of transportation. Targeting a specific real-life location will boost engagement and motivation even more.

Outdoor Time Challenge

Outdoor challenge

This is an excellent challenge for any company whose employees spend a significant amount of time indoors. As a result, the employer demonstrates that it values its employees' ability to spend time outside in the sun.

Group Challenge

Group challenge

Teams that collaborate will have the option to become more active together in order to build a sense of belonging. Based on the amount or average acquired, this produces a good contrast between the teams.

Collective Challenge

Collective challenge

All participants collaborate to achieve a common goal in this challenge. This is a common technique to turn a conversion into a valuable organization for your company.

Consistency Challenge

Consistency challenge

This is an excellent challenge for forming positive habits. The purpose is to determine the number of days it will take to finish the desired activity, and the participants will be focused on repeating certain actions on a regular basis.

Companies Challenge

Companies challenge

Frequently, a firm is interested in the average activity behavior of its employees when compared to that of a similar company. The Company Ranking will assist you in quickly determining the answer to this query.

Plank challenge

Plank challenge

This is a fantastic exercise that can be done anywhere. The plank challenge helps participants strengthen their body muscles and improve their ability to maintain body stability.

Yoga Challenge

Yoga challenge

Companies can utilize this type of challenge to encourage their employees to maintain a good balance by focusing their attention, breathing, and practicing yoga that is suited for them.

Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness challenge

In this challenge, the employer can demonstrate that he cares about his employees' mental health. Meditation can help employees become more alert and balanced.

Step Challenge

Step Challenge

Participants can keep track of how many steps they've taken each day. This is a terrific method to get everyone on board and increase engagement.

Water Drinking Challenge

Water drinking challenge

Everyone requires adequate hydration. If the goal is to drink more water, the unhealthy drinks will be substituted by a glass of water. In conclusion, employees' perceptions are improving.

Custom Challenge

Custom challenge

The organizer can choose where the challenge will take place with this type of challenge. It provides an opportunity to mix creativity with the company's ideals in order to create something fresh that can be shared with others for marketing purposes afterwards.


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