It's a terrific method to keep your staff healthy

Yoga Challenge App

With a body stretching challenge, you can help your team to stay fit

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Advance Engagement

A Yoga Challenge is an activity that can be done by anybody, regardless of their athletic ability, and it does not require any special equipment. As a result, employees become more invested in the organization and more committed to its success.

yoga challenge

Promote Health

An employer's encouragement of yoga exercise is a demonstrable benefit to its employees' health and well-being. Developing a healthy culture is achievable since exercise may be done at any time and in any place.

Yoga challenge

Reduce Sickness

Static exercise has been shown to increase the coordination and body awareness of workers. As a result, the team's health is preserved and numerous occupational disorders are less likely to occur.


Why have others done it?

“We chose YuMuuv because we wanted to create a challenge, where it's easy to participate.”
Katre Trei
Virtual Event Manager, Nortal
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5 Reasons to Organize Yoga Challenge With YuMuuv


1. Easy To Start

Using the Yoga Challenge app is a breeze! Creating a user-generated challenge and subsequently participating in an employer-created challenge may be done in a matter of seconds. The YuMuuv team is always ready to assist anybody in need, no matter where they may be.


2. Automated Data Transmission

Users are required to check in for a predetermined amount of time following each yoga workout. As a result, they are able to track their progress toward achieving the company's goals and their relationships with one another in real time.

Customer Support

3. Motivational Communication

As part of the Yoga challenge, you'll be able to share photos and stories with your coworkers about the workout. People are more likely to participate in the challenge and improve their health if they see themselves in the challenge through humorous memes and imagined events.

Personal Approach

4. Meaningful Analytics

Analysis and reports provided by YuMuuv, on the other hand, help the company see which employees were active. Marketing messaging and corporate image can be improved as a result of using this information


5. Happy Employees

Everyone who participated in the plank challenge is sure to be happy that they did so and improved their health as a result of taking part in the challenge. This is essential for fostering a positive work environment.


Everything you need to take on one successful yoga challenge.


Onboarding and customer support

We, at YuMuuv, make it as simple as possible for anyone to sign up for an account. During the challenge, if you run into any issues, we've got you covered with our support staff.


Unlimited challenges

There is no limit for challenges. If you have our app, you may take on any and all tasks simultaneously.


Personal progress view

A person's progress and activity levels may be tracked using their personal progress view.



It is possible for employees to converse with one another while participating in a challenge using the chat tool.


Groups and countries

YuMuuv is a fantastic tool for fostering competition not only inside teams, but also between divisions, nations, and continents.


Data export

Admins may export all challenge data with a single click thanks to our new data export button. Long-term consumers can take advantage of additional perks.



Your corporate logo can be included in our application if you choose, making the challenge even more personal and connecting you to your organization.

Program management

Program management

We'd be pleased to take over program administration if that's something you'd want to undertake. As a result, it assures long-term success in the promotion of health.


Advanced analytics

We provide additional data for clients that need more in-depth information on the activities of their staff.


User management

Admins can remove and re-assign members to various groups using the user management tool.


Monthly activity report

Every month, we send out a monthly report on the activity of our active workers and the entire team. Reflecting changes throughout time is also a feature of our work.


Multiple companies support

You don't have to worry about changing profiles if you're using YuMuuv in many firms at once.

Heart rate

Device integrations

Using our app, you can easily link the data from your sports or smart watch to the challenge. This takes the place of having to manually enter steps, calories, and minutes.


User created challenges

All YuMuuv users can create their own challenges and invite up to 10 people to join them.

Manual entry

Manual entry

Manual data entry enhances the capacity to contest even those activities when the devices do not read the data themselves.


Annual planning with YuMuuv team

A full year of diverse challenges is yours when you choose to be a YuMuuv yearly customer.


Multiple languages

The YuMuuv app is available in 32 different languages worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Company ranking

If you want to see how your firm stacks up against the competition, we offer a solution for you.

YuMuuv is compliant with GDPR and CCPA

GDPR compliant CCPA compliant

Organize Additional Challenges For Free

Is this something you'd want to do? For the duration of your customer period, YuMuuv will provide you with an infinite number of challenges at no additional cost. Use these challenge kinds as a starting point for your own ideas.

Walking Challenge

Walking challenge

Everyone can afford this type of movement! Organizing a walking challenge at YuMuuv is a cinch because of this.

Running Challenge

Running Challenge

A combined marathon experience or participation in another national athletic event may be easily prepared for players in challenge firms where running is already an integral component of the game.

Cycling Challenge

Cycling challenge

Cycling is an excellent alternative to driving for short distances. It improves people's awareness of the environment and encourages them to adopt new behaviours.

Swimming Challenge

Swimming challenge

Swimming, being one of the most fundamental abilities, presents a challenge in terms of both increasing exercise and preserving human life. If you don't know how to swim, this is a fun and exciting way to get some exercise.

Activity Challenge

Activity challenge

Activities that aren't always sports-related can be counted toward a participant's activity total in an activity formula challenge. As a result, there will be even more people becoming involved.

Exercise Time Challenge

Exercise time challenge

Participating in a challenge based on the amount of time spent training makes it easier for players to keep track of their progress. In this way, everyone has the freedom to participate in the activities that they enjoy the most.

Distance Challenge

Distance challenge

All kinds of transportation are allowed in this challenge. Using this method, you may create your goal with certain place in mind.

Outdoor Time Challenge

Outdoor challenge

This is an excellent method to encourage employees who have a sedentary lifestyle to go out and move more. The time spent outside can be recorded by each participant.

Group Challenge

Group challenge

A challenge in which employee must work together to complete a certain objective. As a bonus, it's a great opportunity to give back to society.

Collective Challenge

Collective challenge

The team competition provides a chance to compare the average scores of the various teams. The total number of actions can also be gathered. However, it is evident that the team's sense of oneness strengthens during this sort of hardship.

Consistency Challenge

Consistency challenge

Challenges like this one require that contestants stick to a single activity for the duration of the competition.

Companies Challenge

Companies challenge

With our company rating, you can keep tabs on who you're up against when it comes to a given firm.

Plank challenge

Plank challenge

This is a fantastic activity that can be done in any setting. The plank challenge aids in muscular development and stability by requiring athletes to hold their bodies in a more rigid position.

Step Challenge

Step Challenge

This is your chance to arrange a challenge that everyone who is eager to move may participate in easily. When done with others, counting steps may be contagious.

Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness challenge

Employees' mental well-being can be improved by meditating at work. An employer's faith in the health of his or her employees is increased by making this action more difficult.

Sleep Challenge

Sleep challenge

Employees who get a good night's sleep are more productive and happier. You won't have any trouble organizing this task at all. Everyone may use the app to keep track of their sleeping patterns.

Water Drinking Challenge

Water drinking challenge

To keep the body properly hydrated, it is imperative that you drink plenty of water. Drinking water or other fluids is an excellent way to help employees stay healthy at work.

Custom Challenge

Custom challenge

Challenge of Free Choice gives you the freedom to take on a challenge whenever and wherever you want. In other words, you have a lot of options when it comes to how, what, and why you do things.


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