Corporate fitness challenge ideas

Corporate Fitness Challenge Ideas

Since we have spent more time at home during the last couple of years and it is still going on, how do you stay active? Are you lacking ideas? Let's find some answers for that! 

And it is not just only during quarantine – also if you feel like driving to gym is not a vibe today or you have a limited time budget.

Why To Keep Doing Fitness Challenges

It is so easy to turn on the passive mode, when you do not have to leave the house. But that is a trap. By adding 20-30 minutes of active time to your day, you take care of your mental health, keep yourself more organized and have a much better sleep quality.

We have also written a blog post about the importance of taking care of your mental health, how it affects your life and how to help your employees stay mentally healthy. But in addition to that, especially when staying at home for a longer period, being active helps you to keep a normal digestive system, blood circulation and its pressure.

Also when we do some activity daily, it subconsciously keeps us away from overeating and snacking just because of boredom. In addition to that, have you felt that feeling after a workout that you now want a colorful healthy meal? Yeap, so it helps us to bring healthier choices to the table as well. 

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How To Stay Active Even During Quarantine

Because of the last 3 years of different lifestyle, there are thousands of solutions to stay active brought to your home through the internet. Let's look at some of the options. 

1. A Challenge for Every Week During a Whole Year

You do not like the routines and want to have a variety of activities? Then we have an amazing solution for you: read our wellness challenge ideas. One challenge every week to increase your quality of life. Mentally, physically, financially, socially, and so on. Of course you can only choose your favorite ones or the ones you think you need the most.

One good thing about these challenges is that you do not have to do them alone. Do them as a corporate activity challenges with colleagues or with a group of friends. Create yourself a support group – somebody will step up and encourage you if you do not feel today is the day. 

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2. Online Workouts – Online Subscriptions

Way to get active with endless opportunities. If you are interested in some specific movement, you can find hundreds of thousands videos from the internet to follow. Also, the equipment is easy to DIY at home – fill the backpack with books to squat with it, fill the water bottles as the dumbbells and use kids as weights. 

It is also an easy way to learn something new – pilates, yoga, boxing bases, and so on. In addition nowadays there are loads of trainers, who are doing classes over the internet so it is also possible to take part in group classes and 1-1 trainings. 


3. Dancing

When searching for online workouts, it is possible to find neighbours friendly trainings. With dancing it is not that easy, but totally more fun! So you have to pick the right time to do the dance, but it is absolutely worth it! And dancing is definitely one of the easiest ways to get intensity minutes. 

And all the YouTube is full with free options. It is also a good way to spend time with the whole family and it needs no equipment. For example, the "Just Dance" game - 4 dances and your daily activity minutes are done!


4. Walking Meetings

That's a good way to get yourself outside. The only obstacle is when you have to use the computer, but otherwise why to just sit behind the table if the same thing can be done with the same quality while walking. 

In YuMuuv we also walk every morning while we have daily stand up meetings. And it may be hard to get yourself up and go, but as with most of the things – once you are doing it, you feel good! Read more about it in our walking meetings blog post.


5. Going Outside

Talking about doing the walking meetings, a world outside the house also has endless opportunities to move. Even shoveling snow during the winter is a full workout! Walking, running, hiking, cycling, skiing, ice skating, mowing the grass, swimming, digging, and so on. 

Exercising outside is also much better than doing it inside. Starting with the benefits from fresh air and sunlight, but also working out outside burns more calories. 

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6. Sofa Trainings

We all know how hard it is to stand up from the sofa and get productive. There is one good tip to make it a bit easier. Start doing some stretches or muscle strengthening exercises on the sofa. The easiest are for the legs and abs. 

When doing these exercises for 3-4 minutes the heart rate is going to increase, which means the blood is flowing quicker now and it is easier to stand up to continue. Starting is always the hardest.


7. Take the Stairs

When you have no feeling to go outside or the time is limited, take some stairs. Go 20 times up and down and the heart will have its pressure. This is also a good way to give your heart some work at the office. 

If you are interested in making it even more effective, bring that backpack with books with you as well! Or if you do not have stairs nearby, take a chair, stool or some box to step on and off. 


8. Corporate Fitness Challenges

Our favorite way to move. Together!  Just a few years ago, an employer-provided health program was just a nice-to-have welfare initiative. But recent research shows that today, 40% of employees are more loyal to their employer if they feel that the benefits it offers have a positive impact on their lives.

Is it more work behind the table, awareness, or an increasing amount of people who own activity devices? At the end of the day it doesn't matter, but what does, is the fact that physical activity is getting more important for your employees.

So if you feel now that your employees would be fun support team to move with, let us know and we will make it reality!