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Why to Organize Corporate Wellness Challenges?

Some corporates organize a wellness challenge to build their activity culture. Some organize to create an active opportunity for team building. Some enterprises are celebrating a birthday year in an active way. And so we would continue.

So there are as many reasons to organize a challenge as many companies are doing it. With this post we let you see the backstage a bit and hopefully after that you also will find a reason to move with your colleagues. 

Reasons to Organize a Corporate Wellness Challenges

1. To Build a Strong Activity Culture

Let's start with the most popular ones. Strong moving culture is a very growing trend as the months go by. Is the reason that a lot of companies have moved to home offices, people are more interested in sports, or are the activity trackers more obtainable. 

At the end of the day, it is not important, but  what is, is the fact that latest studies show that today, 40% of employees are more loyal to their employer if they feel that the benefits it offers have a positive impact on their lives.

We recently created a very specific post talking about 52 challenge ideas for 52 weeks in 2022. It's also a good way for remote teams to build stronger connections with each other and do it on the go, even if they're not together, but are doing it virtually. This post could just help you if you have no idea how to create an intense and engaging solution for your work environment. Contact us and you will see that YuMuuv is working!


2. Team Building Challenges

Yeap, amazing idea, right? Instead of one-night gathering, organize a year long corporate fitness challenge. Through that people will start talking with each other about whole new topics. 

In YuMuuv There is also an opportunity to put your employees into teams/groups so then there are all employees collecting activity data in teams, which helps to grow the team feeling. 


3. Celebrating Together

It is getting more popular year by year that celebrations are done in an active way. It plays a role here that companies are separated worldwidely, teams are communicating through the internet from everyone's homes, but also there are difficult times with covid passes and everything else about that new reality. 

In YuMuuv we have seen a lot of celebrations. Mainly birthdays, but also new office opening celebrations, new members welcoming weeks and so on. For example, your company is getting 25 so you are doing 25 mil steps with colleagues. It is also popular to do as many steps with the team as it takes to walk between your company's different offices. 


4. Organizing an office health weeks

We have seen that it is getting really popular to organize health weeks at the office – online classes, car free days, health hours, and so on. It is connected with the first point, but is a bit more specific. 

But health weeks are really good things to connect with monthly challenges. More about that you can read from our mini competitions blog post. 


What is the purpose of organizing a corporate wellness challenge?

There are a variety of motivations to participate in this challenge. Often, first inspiration comes in the form of a favorable testimonial about someone else's successful experience. Although there are many reasons why you can end up opting to take up the task on your own, one of the most compelling is the desire to boost the health of the employee or a feeling of team togetherness. As a result, it is critical that you have a clear understanding of your motivation. This is the only method to assess and achieve success.

If you want to implement a corporate wellness challenge challenge in order to boost team health, you should establish reasonable expectations for your participants. A short-term endeavor will not be sufficient to bring about a long-term lifestyle adjustment. While this one challenge may serve as a life-changing starting point for certain people, more is required in order to influence the culture of the organization and produce long-term effects (an ongoing wellness program).

In many circumstances, however, the objective is to establish a cohesive experience and a sense of belonging among the team members. The popularity of gathering steps may be attributed to the fact that it is a basic activity that does not need the development of any particular sports aptitude or expertise. In any case, it is important to note that the step challenge is not directly tied to the tension associated with accomplishing professional duties; rather, it serves to revitalize the team's relations by providing a good distraction from the job at hand.

When defining objectives, it is always feasible to begin with a one-time challenge and, based on the feedback gained, develop a better strategy for the execution of long-term solutions. It is critical, however, to establish a top priority for oneself in this regard. As a final point, the common denominator of the large picture is that the organizer of each step challenge wants to see that the experience makes people more engaged, more happy, and more engaged.


YuMuuv is standing next to you

In YuMuuv we have made managing the challenges very simple for you. Starting with admin manuals for you to navigate easily in the app and user manuals to get your employees fast on board. In addition, communication templates with important information for you to send out and the full annual plan you can insert all in once, just in 10 minutes.

We have customer support and help center so you don't have to deal with employee's problems or technical questions. We have an automatic ranking sheet about your employees, but also with all the companies that are moving with YuMuuv. And a lot more just to help you enjoy that journey with others as well with minimal managing effort!

So if you are as excited as we are to move together, then contact us and let's get these steps done!