Utilitas Charity Challenge

YuMuuv and Utilitas: Pioneering Wellness Through Charity Challenges


Brief Company Overview

Utilitas, Estonia's most prominent renewable energy producer, is not just about producing green electricity and providing district heating but is equally committed to the wellness of its employees. Operating in eight cities and employing over 300 individuals, Utilitas has established itself as a company that values a healthy work-life balance, emphasizing both mental and physical well-being.

Initial Wellness Goals 

The wellness initiative at Utilitas was driven by a clear set of goals, focusing on:

  • Enhancing the overall health and well-being of employees.
  • Promoting a workplace culture that prioritizes engagement.
  • Encouraging employees to actively participate in wellness and health-related activities that result in doing good.

YuMuuv Wellness Challenges

Implementation Story

The collaboration with YuMuuv marked a significant step in Utilitas' employee wellness journey. The initiative began with a walking challenge, designed to be inclusive and adaptable to various fitness levels. This challenge was more than just a physical activity; it was an opportunity to foster a stronger sense of community within the company, aligning with Utilitas' broader goals of employee engagement and wellness.

Challenges Participated 

The 'Walking Challenge' was a pivotal aspect of this program, encouraging employees to track their daily steps. This initiative included very high impact rewards. Notably, it featured a charitable component, where steps were translated into donations for families in need. The challenge also saw significant participation from Tallinna Vesi, a partner company, which further amplified the impact and reach of the initiative.


Quantitative Outcomes

  • The participation in the wellness program showed a significant increase, growing around 260 employees.
  • The charitable component of the challenge was a success, leading to considerable donations to various causes.
  • There was a marked increase in the regular physical activity of employees, indicating a positive shift towards healthier lifestyles.

Qualitative Feedback 

The feedback from employees was overwhelmingly positive. The challenge not only improved their physical health but also enhanced workplace relationships and community feeling. Group activities, such as team walks, became increasingly popular, strengthening team bonds. The challenge also spurred creativity in physical activities, with employees organizing various events and initiatives.

Client Reflection / Closing Remarks

Direct Quote 

Reflecting on the program's success, Monica Mänd, Head of HR at Utilitas, stated, “The collaboration with YuMuuv, and the involvement of our partner company Tallinna Vesi, has truly had the impact of our wellness initiative. It’s not just the physical health benefits; the sense of community and the collective contribution to societal good have been rewarding for everyone involved”.

Summary Statement 

The partnership between YuMuuv and Utilitas is a testament to the potential of well-structured wellness programs in enhancing employee health and fostering a positive workplace culture. By combining health, community engagement, and corporate social responsibility, Utilitas has set a high standard for corporate wellness initiatives, demonstrating the multifaceted benefits of such programs for both employees and the broader community.

Interview participants included Jakob Remmel (CEO of YuMuuv), Monica Mänd (Head of HR at Utilitas), and Olga Petrova (Head of Marketing and Communications at Utilitas).