Ramirent x YuMuuv

Unlocking Activity: Ramirent's Successful Employee Activation

In this comprehensive case study, we will explore Ramirent Baltic AS's successful implementation of the YuMuuv employee wellness challenge. The conversation took place between Jakob Remmel, CEO of YuMuuv, and Eva Mätlik, Marketing Manager at Ramirent Baltic AS. Together, they discussed the company's commitment to employee health and well-being, the implementation of the wellness challenge, and the remarkable results it brought to Ramirent's workplace culture and its employees' physical and mental health.


Ramirent Baltic AS, a subsidiary of the larger Loxam Group, operates across nine countries in Europe. With over 3,000 employees in total, Ramirent places a significant emphasis on employee well-being. This commitment extends to its Baltic branch, where approximately 450 employees work across three rental organizations and a factory. The conversation sheds light on Ramirent's dedication to creating a healthy workplace culture that goes beyond the usual benefits and perks.

Investing in Employee Health

The journey towards employee activation at Ramirent began when the company's CEO recognized the importance of supporting employees not only within their work environment but also in their personal lives. Ramirent's history of providing thoughtful gifts and benefits to its employees, such as high-quality winter jackets, had already established a culture of care and appreciation.

Discovering YuMuuv

It was the management at Ramirent who first learned about the YuMuuv employee wellness challenge. Their CEO's interest in the initiative initiated the process of exploring its potential. Eva Mätlik, who led the project, found that the idea of promoting employee health and engagement through an activity challenge was a perfect fit for Ramirent's values.

Employee Response and Implementation

The introduction of activity watches to employees was met with enthusiasm. Employees appreciated the high-quality wearable devices that not only promoted health but also could be used in their personal lives. While there were some GDPR-related questions and concerns, overall, the initiative was well-received.

Challenges and Support

Ramirent faced some technical challenges during the implementation, such as synchronization issues and language barriers as there are 3 languages involved. However, they had a dedicated team ready to provide support and resolve issues promptly. Having support available in multiple languages was crucial in ensuring a smooth rollout.

Timing and Launch

The company planned a three-month campaign, starting in September and running until end of November, to collect steps. The aim was to support charity organizations in December while motivating employees to stay active during the darker and slower months of the year. Ramirent officially launched the program internally ten days before September 1st, allowing employees to sign up and receive their watches.

Continued Success and Motivation

Ramirent's initial success with the YuMuuv employee wellness challenge stemmed from their desire to make a more substantial impact with their charitable donations. The challenge not only encouraged employees to improve their health but also to contribute to charitable causes. It was a win-win situation that resonated with Ramirent's values.

The Dark and Rainy Season: A Catalyst for Change

As Jakob Remmel pointed out, encouraging physical activity during the dark and rainy season can have a profound impact on employees' mental health. Ramirent recognized this opportunity, leveraging the employee wellness challenge to create a more active and engaged workforce during challenging weather conditions.

Fostering Teamwork and Competition

Ramirent observed that the wellness challenge not only motivated individuals to be more active but also fostered a sense of teamwork. Customer centers reported employees engaging in group activities such as cycling and swimming together. This healthy competition not only boosted team spirit but also contributed to overall employee well-being.

Ongoing Challenges and Rewards

Ramirent structured their wellness challenge with both long-term and monthly activity goals. The long-term goal involved a three-month step collection campaign. However, it was observed that due to their already active job positions, employees achieved this target within just one month. To keep the motivation high, the company introduced monthly activity challenges. They recognized and rewarded the most active employees, fostering a culture of appreciation and motivation.

Impact on Workplace Culture

Eva Mätlik shared that the culture at Ramirent underwent subtle yet significant changes. Employees began setting personal targets, pushing themselves harder to achieve their goals. Smaller groups within the organization agreed on their own targets and worked together to surpass them. This transformation demonstrated that the wellness challenge had penetrated the core of Ramirent's workplace culture.

Health Improvements and Lifestyle Changes

One notable success story that emerged from the wellness challenge was an employee's remarkable transformation. An individual decided to embark on a journey of healthier eating and increased physical activity. This employee, without prior knowledge of the challenge, has lost 20 kilograms, showcasing the profound impact the challenge had on personal health choices.

Key Learnings and Recommendations

Eva Mätlik shared several key takeaways from their experience with the YuMuuv wellness challenge. She emphasized the importance of having multilingual support available for employees and encouraged organizations to reach out for assistance when needed. Eva also highlighted the necessity of setting achievable targets according to company specifics and making the challenge calculations easily understandable for participants.

Final Thoughts

In closing, the Ramirent Baltic AS case study reveals the positive transformation that can occur when a company invests in the well-being and engagement of its employees. The employee wellness challenge not only improved physical health but also nurtured a culture of teamwork, competition, and appreciation within the organization. Ramirent's experience serves as a testament to the power of prioritizing employee health and well-being, even in the most challenging weather conditions.