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Why companies choose YuMuuv

Getting passive people to move

The average YuMuuv user is 54% more active than the average adult.
“A wonderful experience. Gives a great sense of motivation & competitiveness in engaging a group of people. Highly recommend the app for its super friendly use & wonderful team that is very helpful.”
Taha Mirza Sales Specialist, 3M Gulf

Easy-to-use for everyone

Building strong unity even with teams working remote or from multiple locations.
“We wanted to create a challenge, where it's easy to participate ... People feel that even when they can't be with their colleagues, these steps are not walked alone.”
Katre Trei Virtual Event Manager, Nortal

Consistent engagement

A successful employee wellness plan involves fitness challenges as well as consistency.
“YuMuuv makes organizing wellness challenges easy for companies with a global footprint across multiple countries and departments, making it fun and challenging for everyone.”
Janhavee Walvadkar Manager, Global HR Processes & Systems, PharmaLex

Employee health empowerment

Fostering a corporate culture that encourages and enables employees to take charge of their health and well-being.
“YuMuuv has given us the opportunity to bring healthier ways of living to our employees in a fun and innovative way! Claus and his team are exceptional and readily available whenever we need a helping hand or to receive feedback.”
Cherise Folan Senior Consultant HR, Expleo Technology Ireland

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Challenge types

YuMuuv gathers activity data from different wearable devices to one platform, where we analyze the data and make it meaningful and comparable for both personal and corporate use.

Step Challenge

Step Challenge

Participants can count the steps they take each day. It's a great way to involve everyone and increase engagement.

Sleep Challenge

Sleep challenge

Excellent sleep ensures employee well-being and productivity. For this reason, it is a good opportunity to challenge your employees to get enough sleep and thus stay fresh.

Plank challenge

Plank challenge

A static body core muscles exercise that can be done in any environment. Through this, participants develop the stability and strength of the body.

Yoga Challenge

Yoga challenge

Opportunity to give your team a health-promoting challenge through physical postures, deep breathing and concentration.

Running Challenge

Running Challenge

This type allows the company to inspire people to do more running. The challenge can be based on both training time and distance.

Exercise Time Challenge

Exercise time challenge

This is an opportunity to organize a challenge within the training time. The company can decide whether to record a certain type of activity or time in general.

Walking Challenge

Walking challenge

The easiest way to navigate a challenge. The challenge can also be adapted to people with disabilities for inclusion.

Mindfulness Challenge

Mindfulness challenge

It is a type of meditation challenge that focuses on the perception of presence and intense awareness. A good opportunity to promote team mindfulness.

Water Drinking Challenge

Water drinking challenge

Staying hydrated is a basic need to feel good. The challenge of water drinking helps to keep this in mind and, through it, promotes well-being for workers.

Distance Challenge

Distance challenge

Participants can log in to the distance regardless of the type of movement activity. In order to create additional motivation, link the purpose of the distance to a known journey in real life.

Cycling Challenge

Cycling challenge

This is a good way to promote alternative transport. The challenge of cycling can be both distance and time based.

Activity Challenge

Activity challenge

A science based formula that is most objective way to measure activity. It focuses on effort not athletic ability, so everyone feels included.

Collective Challenge

Collective challenge

Collective challenge combines all participants' activity into one score. Many use this goal for charity purposes – once a certain goal is achieved, a donation is made.

Group Challenge

Group challenge

Groups can compare their average or total activity with each other. Whether through steps, calories or minutes, team spirit will be built.

Companies Challenge

Companies challenge

This is a possibility to compare your company median activity with others similar to your size or industry. It can be used for internal motivation for the company.

Swimming Challenge

Swimming challenge

Swimming challenges help to develop the useful skill that is needed for life. Allowing the use of aids can be an incentive for some to learn the basics of swimming skills.

Outdoor Time Challenge

Outdoor challenge

A great way to inspire participants to spend time outdoors regularly. Through this, companies inspire employees to reach outside during the daylight.

Custom Challenge

Custom challenge

The type of challenge in which you choose the activity yourself. This is a special opportunity for a company to focus on those activities that are directly related to its culture.

Supported devices

Google Fit
Apple Health
Apple Watch
Wear OS by Google
Health Connect (coming soon)

Additional features


Onboarding and customer support

Your success is ours. We do our best to help you with setting up the account with clear plan to communicate to your employees.

Push notifications

Push Notifications

Boost engagement and wellness conversations between employees, customers and other stakeholders with just few easy steps.


Personal progress view

Every individual gets an overview how active they are on daily basis. This also gives you an opportunity to understand your own progress.


User management

Admin gets access to panel where they can see who has already joined the program and if needed manage the list.

Program management

Program management

If you need extra hand, we could pre-set the challenges for you to minimise the administrative effort.


Data export

Whether in the end or in middle of the challenge you can export your company’s activity data.


Company ranking

Option to compare your company’s activity with others similar to you.


Annual planning with YuMuuv team

We want to understand your needs so we can best help you implement the best annual plan that fits your company’s needs.


Advanced analytics

We are currently working on the detail activity data analytics so you could do even better decisions based on the activity reports.



We can add your company logo to your challenges.



The chat feature allows participants to communicate and exchange pictures with each other during the challenge.

Manual entry

Manual entry

Manual data entry is a good option for specific challenges where it is not possible to record data with sport watches and activity monitors.


Groups and countries

A great way to organize challenges by groups, departments, or countries with summary summaries just a click away.


Multiple languages

The YuMuuv app is available in 32 different languages worldwide on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Unlimited challenges

With custom challenges in YuMuuv, you can do an unlimited number of challenges for any type of team your team desires.

Heart rate

Device integrations

Linking an activity monitor or sports watch from the best brands to our application allows for the automatic transmission of activity data.


User created challenges

All YuMuuv users can create their own challenges and invite up to 10 people to join them.


Monthly activity report

Every month, we give our customers the opportunity to receive advanced analytics about the activity behavior and progress of users and the company as a whole.

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