Other integrations

You would like to use YuMuuv, but your service provider is not on our list? Let's find a solution!

We are fully aware that there are many other service providers besides those on our list. We will try to add them to our list as we go along, but unfortunately, everything can not be done at once. However, there are ways to connect other service providers to the YuMuuv app!

In most cases, you can connect your activity monitor provider to either Google Fit or Apple Health, depending on your phone, and then select that as your service provider in YuMuuv. This way, the data will go from your activity monitor to YuMuuv via Google Fit/Apple Health. For example, you can connect Apple Health/Google Fit to your Samsung, Huawei, Withings, Amazfit, Mi Fit, MapMyRun, and many other devices. 


Connecting your Samsung to YuMuuv is a bit more complicated than usual, as Samsung itself does not encourage data sharing these days. So, to get data from Samsung Health to YuMuuv, you need to connect it to Google Fit first. Then you need to download an app called HealthSync and connect it (without it, the data won't get from Samsung Health to Google Fit). And now you are ready to connect yourself to YuMuuv. Hopefully, soon it will be easier to connect!

However, if you're using a Samsung watch and an Apple phone, this system does not work - HealthSync can not be downloaded to iOS. In this case, you just need to connect Apple Health to YuMuuv.


Native Huawei integration is right now in closed beta.

In the meantime, we recommend connecting through Google Fit (Huawei Health > Google Fit > YuMuuv). This means that depending on your device model, there are now several options:

  1. Your Huawei device allows you to download Google Fit and connect it to Huawei Health (this may require both the HealthSync application and Huawei's own Huawei Health Kit application).
  2. Your Huawei device allows you to download Google Fit, but it does not allow you to connect to Huawei Health. In this case, only manual data entry is currently available. You may need to enter your number of steps in Google Fit and select Google Fit as your service provider in YuMuuv.
  3. Your Huawei device won't even let you download Google Fit. In this case, the only option at the moment is to enter the data manually by us. For example, you send us the number of steps you take each week, and we'll add them to your account.

If you're having trouble connecting your device to YuMuuv, please contact our customer support directly.