Connecting MiFit to Yumuuv

MiFit with Android device

To connect MiFit to YuMuuv, you have to connect it with Google Fit first:
Make sure you have Google Fit installed and set up in your phone, so your watch can sync with it. After that:

  1. Open Mi app in your phone
  2. Choose Profile in the bottom right corner
  3. Scroll down until Add accounts
  4. Choose Google Fit and Add Google Fit

You will now see the accounts you can use to connect to Google Fit.

  1. Choose your main account
  2. Now Mi asks for permission to send your activity data to Google Fit - it's important that you give permission to send steps, calories and heart rate. This is the data that YuMuuv will use (the activity minutes that come from your heart rate).

Now you can connect your Google Fit to YuMuuv. 

Mifit with iOS device

  1. Open Apple Health app
  2. Choose the circle with your photo in the upper right corner
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Choose Mi Fit
  5. Turn on Active energy, Heart rate, Resting energy and Steps

Now you can connect your Apple Health to YuMuuv.