Connecting Huawei to YuMuuv

There are several ways to connect Huawei Health to YuMuuv:

Huawei Watch+Huawei phone

Connect through Google Fit (Huawei Health > Google Fit > YuMuuv).

This means that depending on your device model, there are now several options:

  1. Your Huawei device allows you to download Google Fit and connect it to Huawei Health (this may require both the HealthSync application and Huawei's own Huawei Health Kit application).
  2. Your Huawei device allows you to download Google Fit, but it does not allow you to connect to Huawei Health. In this case, only manual data entry is currently available. You may need to enter your number of steps in Google Fit and select Google Fit as your service provider in YuMuuv.
  3. Your Huawei device won't even let you download Google Fit. In this case, the only option at the moment is to enter the data manually by us. For example, you send us the number of steps you take each week, and we'll add them to your account.

Instructions for connecting Google Fit to YuMuuv are HERE.

Huawei Watch + Non-Huawei Android phone

  1. Use the HealthSync app: You can download the HealthSync application from the Google Play Store, which offers the ability to synchronize data from Huawei Health to Google Fit.
  2. Use your Android phone as your fitness tracker via the Google Fit app.
  3. Manual entry: In YuMuuv there is an option to turn on the manual entry function for all challenges, which allows you to enter data from your Huawei device into YuMuuvi yourself. You can ask your administrator about this feature. 

Huawei Watch+Huawei phone

Connect through Fitbit (Huawei Health > Health Sync > Fitbit > YuMuuv)

HealthSync can be downloaded from the Huawei Store (AppGallery) and offers the option to sync Huawei Health with Fitbit.

Instructions for connecting Fitbit to YuMuuv are HERE.  

Huawei Watch + iPhone

Connect through Apple Health (Huawei Health > Apple Health > YuMuuv)

If you have an iPhone, but use a Huawei watch, you can connect through Apple Health. 

  1. Go to Apple Health
  2. Click on the initials of your name in the upper right corner
  3. Tap Apps
  4. Choose Huawei Health
  5. Toggle 'ON' for all categories
  6. Now you can connect your Apple Health to YuMuuv