Can disabled people participate in challenges on an equal basis?

YuMuuv has always stood for equal opportunities for everyone to participate in challenges on our platform, including those with disabilities that prevent normal movement. It is for this reason that we have built our formula system in a way that rewards effort more than athletic ability.

At the same time, every company can choose the conditions that suit them and seem fair for their challenges. Our general recommendation is that if the company organizes a challenge in steps, for example, it is advisable to convert the activity of disabled people into steps. A more common model is to move 1 active minute (in any type of movement) to 100 steps. Another option is to convert a wheelchair into 1km 1250 steps.

A more detailed decision is made by the company, which organizes its challenge. In any case, data conversion is done through YuMuuv's technical support. For this, please contact us.