77 Walking Team Names for Your Next Challenge

77 Walking Team Names for Your Next Challenge

Did your employer organize a fun walking challenge? Do you have a team? But lack a cool and outstanding team name with which to defeat all opponents? Don't worry, we got you! 

Building a team and thinking of a name is one of the exciting stages of participating in the challenge. Everyone wants to stand out and start rocking with a cool team name. The name can be as unique as you want. Since there are many options, sometimes you can get overwhelmed and not be able to make a choice. We'll share some inspiration and introduce you to some great names that could be just right for your team. 

When choosing a name, you can take inspiration from everything, whether it is your favorite movie or song, an actor or even your favorite food. 

Coming up with walking team name challenges need not be hard

Walking Team Names from Movies and Music

Here are some examples of how to add a little twist to the title or phrase of your favorite song, movie or TV show and get a cool team name for your next activity challenge.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin Say Yes To The Legs
Every Step We Take My Walks Brings All The Boys To The Yard
Moves Like Jaggers Netflix and Chill
Charlie’s Ankles Johnny Step
Top Guns 22 Walk Street
Luke Skywalkers Walking on Sunshine
Walk DMC On the Road Again
Wonder Walkers Die Lard
1 Forrest 1 Mission Slimpossible
The Walking Dead Dead Men Walking
Walk With Me, One More Time Fit Avatars
Rolling Toes Walk The World (Girls)
Walking team names related to food and beverages

Walking Team Names Inspired by Food and Drink

Food can be a great source for team names that anyone can relate to. Bringing a smile to everyone's faces. 

Scrambled Legs The Holy Walkamolies
Tomato Heads Will Run For Snacks
Chasing The Ice Cream Truck Champ Pain
Taco Del Awesome Cherry Blossoms
Cupcakes Anonymous Going, Going… Scone
Easy Cheesy Road Kill Grill
The Chicken Legs Glucose Patrol
Loose Noodles Coffee Runs
The Cereal Killers Break Bread Then Tread
Kale Blazers  


Even more walking team name challenges

Even More Walking Team Names

If you or your teammates don't have a favorite food or beverage to get inspired from, don't worry. We share with you some cool names that you can take into use. 

Kill-o-meters The Fit, The Fat, And The Funny
Too Stupid to Stop Spongebob Slowpants
The Leg Flexers PM Walkers
Too Inspired to be Tired Chicks With Kick
What you walking about? Together We Perspire’
Walking Talkies Shoes or Lose’
Are We There Yet? The Office HeRoes
No Ubers In Sight The Lazy Gang
Cheers To Healthy Hearts Walking IS a Sport
Ready, Set Walk Too Hot to Trot
The Team Who Must Not Be Named Tread Team
Working Bees Starting Slow, Getting Slower
The Galloped Potatoes Snooze & Shoes
Pavement Princesses The Naughty Steppers