Top 100 Corporate Wellness Companies - Most Active in September

YuMuuv is one of the leading providers of corporate wellness and employee engagement solutions, working with some of the best companies in the world. The company publishes monthly lists of the top 100 corporate wellness companies, ranking them by the number of employees engaged in physical activity.

If you're an employer, it's important to make your company as attractive a place to work as possible and one way to do that is through a commitment to your employees' health. Find out which companies are taking the lead in this area with this list of the most active employee wellness providers in September!

NB! Note that we know that this list is not error-free because we can only take into account the data of users who actually use the platform. So, in some cases, this result may be significantly different from the activity of the average employee, but nevertheless, it is primarily a positive recognition for these companies that they are at the forefront in the field of employee health promotion.

TOP 10 Corporate Wellness Companies for September

The best companies in the area of employee physical activity are doing a few things right. They are offering their employees incentives to be active, they are providing them with resources to help them stay active, and they are promoting physical activity through company-wide programs. These companies understand that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and they are investing in their employees' health. Here is the list:

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  1. 3M - a multinational conglomerate operating in the fields of industry, worker safety, health care, and consumer goods.

  2. Transocean - a modern maritime logistics company.

  3. Stoneridge Electronics - a global provider of electronic components and solutions. 

  4. Interlex - a leading provider of translation services in the Baltic region. 

  5. Funderbeam - the global investing and trading platform for investors to buy and sell equity stakes in private companies.

  6. Valdek - a family business specializing in sheet metal processing

  7. Vormsi saar - a community that lives on an Estonian island

  8. Immix Law - a full-service law firm that provides legal services to businesses and individuals

  9. Operail - a Finnish railway company that operates passenger and freight trains

  10. HKScan Baltics - is a food company that produces and sells meat, poultry, and fish products.

    TOP 11-40

    Additionally, good companies give their employees the opportunity to find something that works for them and that they are interested in. This is the most logical pathway to long-term health and wellness. If there is only one certain activity forced from the top down, it will not result in a good outcome.

    It can be also noted that top companies are creating an environment that is conducive to healthy living, such as providing healthy food options and encouraging physical activity. Yet we have not found a company that could be able to achieve their employees’ health and well-being without investing in them. Making sure that employees have the resources they need to live healthy lives is a worthwhile investment.

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  11. IPA

  12. Eleven

  13. TG4

  14. Heat Consult

  15. Viru Keemia Grupp

  16. Päästeamet

  17. Avalanche Laboratory

  18. Ramirent

  19. Annex

  20. Baltronic

  21. Expleo

  22. FerretDB

  23. Kohila Vineer

  24. SA Tartu Kiirabi

  25. Domus Kinnisvara

  26. Tallink Silja

  27. Caretime

  28. Auve Tech

  29. Telia

  30. ABB

  31. Sixfold

  32. Otepää Sport

  33. Selver


  35. ISSUU

  36. Linde Gas

  37. Azets

  38. Tickmill

  39. AkzoNobel

  40. Mitiska REIM

    TOP 41-70

    It is always a question of whether companies who prioritize employee wellness tend to have certain character traits in common. What certainly can be said is that they are usually proactive rather than reactive, meaning they take steps to prevent health issues before they arise instead of waiting for employees to get sick.

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  41. SMIT

  42. SYNLAB

  43. Miltton

  44. Lewis Golden

  45. Nortal

  46. Rush Street Interactive

  47. Kliinikum

  48. Balti Logistika

  49. Seesam kindlustus

  50. Ettevõtluse ja Innovatsiooni Sihtasutus

  51. Calor Ireland

  52. Eesti Loto

  53. Vaimo

  54. Bolt

  55. Swedbank Latvia

  56. Eesti Maaülikool

  57. Swedbank

  58. Genius Sports

  59. Syntropy

  60. Harju Elekter Oy

  61. Bestway Grupp

  62. Stebby

  63. MyFitness

  64. Metrosert

  65. Testlio

  66. Alexela

  67. YuMuuv

  68. Directo

  69. Saku Metall

  70. Axonista

    TOP 71-100

    Additionally, top employee wellness companies have strong communication and marketing strategies to promote their wellness programs. These companies usually offer a wide range of services and activities to employees, making sure that there is something for everyone. As the fall season continues they try to look for new ways to improve employee health and engagement.

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  71. San Francisco Paralegal Association

  72. Net Group

  73. SK ID Solutions

  74. 6Connex

  75. KAFO

  76. TalTech õppeosakond

  77. Dokobit

  78. Nobel

  79. Sandman Grupp


  81. Hüpoteeklaen AS

  82. Medexus Pharmaceuticals

  83. MindPoint Group

  84. DHL Consulting

  85. Milo

  86. Baltimax

  87. Asset Reliability Inspections Pty Ltd

  88. DHL EE

  89. Flock DC

  90. Biohouse

  91. Proleven

  92. PayPal

  93. Manpower

  94. Cachet

  95. Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium

  96. No Bananas

  97. Visioncraft

  98. GEC Media Group


  100. mobile CI/CD

    Conclusion: impressive inspiration for your next employee wellness initiative

    There are a lot of great corporate wellness companies out there, but these are the ones that have been most active in September. Hope you found something useful for you. If you're looking for a new corporate wellness provider, be sure to check out YuMuuv, and let's make sure you will make the list next month. We are sure we could meet your needs and help you improve your overall health and well-being. Thanks for reading!

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