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Who we are

Community movement application

YuMuuv is a science-based physical activity promotion platform for communities who are looking to raise health awareness.
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What we do

We are helping companies
to stay healthy

Sickness prevention
Research shows strong links between physical activity and sickness prevention. We give you tools to minimize the risks associated with long term health issues.
Motivated employees
Productive employees are satisfied employees. We help to increase the motivation of employees, providing a success experience that transfers to the work culture.
Work management
The responsibilities of HR departments are enormous. We make tasks that otherwise would take hours, to be available with a few clicks.
Company reputation
Health awareness and innovation is strong reputation builder among employees and other employers. We increase the sense of connection of employees with your company.

What people say about us

You manage your health! YuMuuv app is simple, efficient and fun to use.

👩 Kaire Kongo, SYNLAB

Using the YuMuuv platform gives a police officer the opportunity to keep an eye on the activities of themselves and their colleagues on a daily basis.

👨 Siim Sibrits, Lõuna prefektuur

I recommend YuMuuv as a partner. They have always been ready to think along and offer different solutions to ensure a good experience for our employees!

👩 Katrin Meos, Swedbank
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Use activity data for your benefit

YuMuuv gathers activity data from different wearable devices to one platform, where we analyze the data and make it meaningful and comparable for both personal and corporate use.
Understand the status of your company and its employees compared to the recommended health levels.
Create some extra motivation with social challenges that mobilizes your team and recognize the active.
Understand how your company’s activity and health behavior changes over time and what affects it.
Opportunity for more detailed data analysis, through which we help you with your customised needs.

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