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Corporate fitness challenge app

More than a step challenge

Whether at office or remote – easy to use employee wellness platform that uses science based formulas to get your company moving.

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Why companies choose YuMuuv

Challenging more than 15 000 employees in over 60 countries to be active.

Getting passive people to move

Average YuMuuv user is 54% more active than average adult.
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“There’s always somebody who has fallen off track with physical activity. YuMuuv added a fun yet simple approach to get them engaged and moving again without any judgement.”
Katerina Muhel
HR manager, Paulig group

Consistently motivating engagement

Successful employee wellness plan involves fitness challenges as well as consistency.
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“Using YuMuuv gives police officer the opportunity to keep an eye on the activities of himself and his colleagues on a daily basis.”
Siim Sibrits
Police Instructor, South Prefecture

Easy-to-use for everyone

Building strong unity even with teams working remote or from multiple locations.
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“We wanted to create a challenge, where it's easy to participate ... People feel that even when they can't be with their colleagues, these steps are not walked alone.”
Katre Trei
(Virtual) Event Manager, Nortal

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Challenge types

YuMuuv gathers activity data from different wearable devices to one platform, where we analyze the data and make it meaningful and comparable for both personal and corporate use.

Step challenge illustration

Step challenge

Participants can measure the steps they have taken each day. A great way to get everyone onboard and engagement score higher.

Activity challenge illustration

Activity challenge

A science based formula that is most objective way to measure activity. It focuses on effort not athletic ability, so everyone feels included.

Collective challenge illustration

Collective challenge

Collective challenge combines all participants' activity into one score. Many use this goal for charity purposes – once a certain goal is achieved, a donation is made.

Consistency challenge illustration

Consistency challenge

Participants track the number of consecutive days they meet a specified activity goal. A great way to build healthy habits.

Group challenge illustration

Group challenge

Groups can compare their average or total activity with each other. Whether through steps, calories or minutes, team spirit will be built.

Companies challenge illustration

Companies challenge

This is a possibility to compare your company median activity with others similar to your size or industry. It can be used for internal motivation for the company.

Supported devices

Additional features

Onboarding and customer support

Your success is ours. We do our best to help you with setting up the account with clear plan to communicate to your employees.

Personal progress view

Every individual gets an overview how active they are on daily basis. This also gives you an opportunity to understand your own progress.

User management

Admin gets access to panel where they can see who has already joined the program and if needed manage the list.

Program management

If you need extra hand, we could pre-set the challenges for you to minimise the administrative effort.

Data export

Whether in the end or in middle of the challenge you can export your company’s activity data.

Company ranking

Option to compare your company’s activity with others similar to you.

Annual planning with YuMuuv team

We want to understand your needs so we can best help you implement the best annual plan that fits your company’s needs.

Advanced analytics

We are currently working on the detail activity data analytics so you could do even better decisions based on the activity reports.


We can add your company logo to your challenges.

More features are coming soon

“The engagement has been crazy – YuMuuv, smartwatches, who did what and for how long were the first and the last things discussed in the office.”
Kärt Niinemägi
Head of Communication, Avalanche Laboratory

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