Rush Street Study

Case Study: Enhancing Employee Wellness at Rush Street Interactive through YuMuuv


In an era where employee wellness is becoming increasingly central to a company's success, organizations are seeking innovative solutions to foster a healthy and productive work environment. A leading force in this endeavor has been the collaborative partnership between Rush Street Interactive and YuMuuv. This alliance is brought to life through a conversation between Jakob Remmel, the CEO of YuMuuv, and Ann-Marii Reiväli, the Employee Experience Specialist at Rush Street Interactive. This case study illuminates the strategies, experiences, and visions that have shaped this collaborative journey.


Rush Street Interactive, a dynamic company witnessing a trajectory of rapid growth, found itself grappling with the complexities of maintaining a cohesive work environment across a vast and diverse workforce. Understanding the critical role of employee well-being in sustaining productivity and morale, they sought the expertise of YuMuuv, spearheaded by its competent CEO, Jakob Remmel, to address this imperative need.

A Strategic Collaboration: Unveiling the Visionaries

An intricate part of this collaboration’s backbone was the combined vision and expertise of two industry mavens: Jakob Remmel and Ann-Marii Reiväli. Jakob, steering YuMuuv with a clear vision of promoting holistic wellness, and Ann-Marii, with her deep understanding of employee experiences, conjointly explored the multifaceted dimensions of fostering a nurturing work environment that champions well-being and inclusivity.

Their conversation transcended mere strategies to unravel a larger vision of evolving a workplace that stands on pillars of empathy, understanding, and collective growth. It was a dialogue that breathed life into the idea of a ‘Living Organization’, where the well-being of its individuals is at the core of its functioning.

The YuMuuv Experience: A Catalyst for Transformation

As the conversation delved deeper, Ann-Marii unveiled the inner workings of Rush Street Interactive's experience with the YuMuuv platform. She articulated the transformations witnessed, highlighting several aspects that stood out in their journey:

  • Diversity of Wellness Challenges: The YuMuuv platform enabled the creation of diverse wellness challenges, encouraging employees to engage in activities that resonated with them personally, promoting a culture of holistic well-being.
  • Community Building through Healthy Competitions: YuMuuv facilitated the conceptualization of healthy competitive challenges, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity amidst the workforce.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The easy navigability and user-friendliness of the YuMuuv platform ensured a seamless experience for the employees, encouraging higher participation and engagement.

Experiences in Integration: A Tale of Synergy and Support

Transitioning towards the practicalities of integrating YuMuuv into the daily operations, Ann-Marii shared insights into the assimilation strategies employed, especially focusing on newer groups:

  • Guided Integration: The YuMuuv team played a pivotal role in ensuring a guided and structured integration process, assisting teams in smoothly adopting the platform.
  • Device Compatibility: Despite initial hiccups with device compatibility, YuMuuv’s responsive support system ensured that such challenges were met with swift resolutions, paving the way for a harmonious experience.

Lessons and Recommendations: Carving a Path for Others

With rich experience in navigating the pathway of employee wellness, both Ann-Marii and Jakob brought forth a repository of advice and suggestions for other companies envisioning a similar journey:

  • Holistic Planning: Crafting a yearly plan with a spectrum of activities to cater to varied interests, thereby encouraging inclusivity and participation.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Instilling a reward system that acknowledges employees' efforts, fostering a culture of appreciation and encouragement.
  • Open Channels of Communication: Establishing open channels for feedback and suggestions, promoting a culture of inclusivity and democratic functioning.

Looking Ahead: Envisioning a Bright Future

As they explored the road ahead, both visionaries shared a vibrant vision of the future where virtual get-togethers, employee exchange programs, and collaborative projects would take center stage, fostering deeper connections and cultivating a rich culture of mutual growth and learning.


As we encapsulate the rich insights derived from the conversation between Jakob Remmel and Ann-Marii Reiväli, it is evident that the journey of Rush Street Interactive with YuMuuv has been one characterized by learning, growth, and transformation. This collaboration not only highlights the incredible strides made in fostering a culture of wellness but also sets a precedent for other organizations to follow.

Embarking on a pathway that synergizes wellness with technology, YuMuuv and Rush Street Interactive have shown that the cornerstone of a successful organization lies in the well-being of its employees. Through conscious efforts, strategic planning, and a shared vision, they have sculpted a work environment where well-being is not just a perk but a deep-rooted culture, laying a robust foundation for a future where work transcends beyond mere productivity to encapsulate holistic growth and wellness.

Through this lens, we see a collaboration not just between two organizations but a symbiotic relationship nurturing a vibrant and thriving ecosystem where employee wellness is not just a priority, but a beautiful reality; a testimony to a bright future sculpted through collaboration, vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It stands as a beacon, encouraging organizations worldwide to embark on a journey of fostering workplaces that are harbinger of wellness, joy, and unparalleled productivity.