My Polar Flow isn’t syncing to YuMuuv

If your Polar Flow doesn't sync with YuMuuv, first check that the activity data in the Polar Flow app is the same as on your activity monitor. Often, the activity monitor data is not immediately sent to Polar Flow, and therefore not to YuMuuv.

To do this, open Activity in Polar Flow.

The steps, distance and active time should be the same here as on your activity monitor.

However, this does not mean that the active time you see here should be the same as the active minutes in YuMuuv. In YuMuuv, we calculate activity minutes by heart rate (read more about the activity formula).

Yes, my data in Polar Flow is the same as in the Activity Monitor.

Very good, please check if you have given permission for Polar Flow to transfer data to YuMuuv. You can check/change this in the Flow app:

  1. More
  2. General settings
  3. Partners
  4. YuMuuv
  5. After YuMuuv there should be "Disconnect". It means you have connected Polar with YuMuuv.

If this seems a confusing process, an easy option is to reconnect Polar Flow as your service provider in YuMuuv:

  1. Open YuMuuv app
  2. In the top right corner, click on your initials.
  3. Your details
  4. Change service provider
  5. Connect with Polar
  6. Make sure you give Polar permission to send "Heart rate data, activity data, routs, etc." to YuMuuv

N.B. Polar will only send YuMuuv activity logs if you have set the training mode during your training.

If you still don't see your activity data in YuMuuv, contact our customer support and let's fix it together!