My Google Fit isn’t syncing to YuMuuv

If your Google doesn't sync with YuMuuv, first check that the activity data in the Apple Health app is the same as on your activity monitor. Often, the activity monitor data is not immediately sent to Google Fit, and therefore not to YuMuuv.

However, this does not mean that the exercise minutes you see in Google Fit app should be the same as the active minutes in YuMuuv. In YuMuuv, we calculate activity minutes by heart rate (read more about the activity formula).

Yes, my data in Google Fit is the same as in the Activity Monitor.

Very good, please check if you have given permissions for device manufacturer's fitness app and also for Google Fit to transfer data to YuMuuv.

In Google Fit you can check/change this:

  1. Profile
  2. Settings icon
  3. Manage connected apps
  4. YuMuuv
  5. If this opens you should see permissions for sharing physical activity data and heart rate data with YuMuuv

The process for checking authorisations in the manufacturer's Fitness app depends on the manufacturer. If the data is correct in the Google Fit app, then the connection between the device manufacturer and Fit is working. However, if the data does not pass from Google Fit and the previous process did not help, you can try:

  1. Open YuMuuv app
  2. In the top right corner, click on your initials.
  3. Your details
  4. Change service provider
  5. Connect with Google Fit
  6. When it opens you should give permissions for sharing physical activity data and heart rate data with YuMuuv

NOTE: YuMuuv does not read data manually entered in Apple Health!

If you still don't see your activity data in YuMuuv, contact our customer support and let's fix it together!