Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

10 Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Employee appreciation gift ideas can be difficult to find when organizing various challenges. You may encounter questions about what the appropriate award or price could be. Most people can motivate themselves, but some of us need a little push. Those for whom moving is a part of everyday life and who are motivated to take part in the challenge will certainly not refuse the prize. It's nice to get recognition.

There are many ways to recognize your employees for good performance. The best way to do this is by giving a gift. This gesture from the employer shows the employee that she/he is valued and is likely to motivate employees to give more of her/himself. At this point, however, the question arises, what could be the universal gift that would be suitable for everyone, would be practical, and would not just remain on the corner of the table or, even worse, would not end up in the trash?


Here are some ideas to reward good performance during your next challenge: 

Gift cards for your employees 

Different gift cards are a good and universal prize that can be chosen according to the interests of the people in your company. Ideally, a gift card should be related to health, whether it is a gift card for a sports store, a nice relaxing massage, or a book store gift card to take care of the mental side. For example, an amazon gift card is a good choice because everyone can find something to their liking there. Nike store is also a popular place for shopping, and a store gift card could be a good fit for active people.

Time spent together with the team

In YuMuuv you can also organize various challenges with a collective goal, where a good way to reward employees is instead by doing something nice together and spending time with each other. Everyone has worked hard for a common goal, and as a reward, why not take the employees to do some great activities together (bowling, mini golf, bike riding, etc.) and have a great time together. There are many options for joint activities, and employees' own preferences and interests can be taken into account here. If you have more sports fans in your group, a nice afternoon in mini golf is sure to be fun. If your employees are more into a culture, they might like an interesting theater or museum visit instead. Time spent together with the team is not only engaging but also good at fueling camaraderie among colleagues! Plus, they are a valuable ‘break’ from the daily nine-to-five grind!

Team walking

Vitamin kit to boost the immune system of employees 

You need vitamins all year round to boost and maintain your health. For example, in autumn and winter, various colds creep in, and the body needs vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. Active and athletic people may need magnesium to help their muscles relax. Therefore, different vitamins and food supplements are very practical and good gifts for your employees to keep the company's worker bees strong and active. For example, BioTech offers a wide range of different vitamins and nutritional supplements, where you can find something for everyone.


Healthy snacks/drinks to energize employees

How would protein bars, fruit baskets, or vitamin water sound? Healthy snacks/drinks are things that are always used up by employees. So why not give it for a good performance? 


Good deed with the team- a donation

There doesn't always have to be a reward for good performance. Often, much greater joy can be found in doing good for others. Why not, for example, in the case of a collective challenge, set the goal of collecting one million steps by the end of the month, and if the goal is met make a donation to a charity. 


Different gift boxes for a nice suprise

Different gift boxes are a good opportunity to approach employees personally and create a nice gift box based on their interests and hobbies. Those who like to organize pleasant pamper nights at home would love for example good-smelling candles and some body care products. Or among your employees, for example, there are cooking enthusiasts who would like a new cookbook or baking accessories. You can create very versatile and unique boxes. If your team is very large and it is too complicated to give different gifts to everyone, of course, you can come up with a unique gift box that would suit everyone and contain things that we all love. Pinterest is a good place to get inspiration and put together a nice gift box.


It is also a nice idea to give employees a souvenir with your company logo as a reward. For example, a water bottle that you can take with you when you collect your steps, a warm sweatshirt that you can put on while doing a movie night on the sofa, or instead a reusable shopping bag that you can use when you do your grocery shopping and at the same time save nature. 


Financial reward for your employees 

It would certainly be nice for employees to earn a financial bonus for good performance. A good system should be devised here. For example, whoever completes the monthly goal will receive a reward.


Training equipment or clothing to motivate employees

Active people still need a new training shirt, running shoes, or instead dumbbells, or a jump rope for a home workout. We all know how motivation to exercise increases when you buy new training pants or acquire new training equipment. So why not offer your employees a little extra motivation for the next challenge for a good performance and give them new running shoes or dumbbells. If you don't know what to choose, you can let the employees choose the most suitable training clothes or equipment for them. 

Training equipment

Office equipment to make the work environment enjoyable

Employees spend so much of their day sitting at a desk and being on a computer. With all this, it is important to pay attention to the working environment. Everyone could use an ergonomic chair or an adjustable desk. Or there are people in your team with back problems who would like to use an exercise ball instead. Listen to the wishes and needs of your employees and give them some necessary office supplies that would make their working environment better and more health-supporting. Don't forget to remember the people working in the home office, who also put in a lot of effort in the challenges and whose home office environment needs care and attention. For example, OfficeChairs offers a wide range of different ergonomic office supplies for both the office and the home office.  

Office equipment

These were just a few examples of how to remember and recognize your employees for participating in the challenge and achieving a good result. Of course, we must not forget one of the biggest and most important bonus that participation in challenges give. For that, of course, is better health and well-being. Good health is the greatest gift in this life. Stay active!

If you want to get your employees moving and promote health, we recommend you choose the YuMuuv Annual Wellness Plan for your company. We give you great challenge ideas for every month and help you realize all your ideas because healthy, active, and happy employees create a successful company. Contact us and book a demo to familiarize yourself with the annual plan and get your company moving. Stay active!