User management

User management is a sheet for admin accounts to have an overview of their companys'/communitys' users. All users who sign up with your code will appear in this tab.

To get on this sheet please log in with the account that has admin permissions. After that when clicking on the circle with your initials on the right top corner (1), opens a column, where you can choose User management.


Now opens a chart with all the users, who are registered with your code. On the upper line, you also can sort users by name, registration date, group, country, or status. That by clicking on the arrows (2) next to the field you want to sort by. As an admin user, you can also edit/add a user group or country selection.

If there are some users listed, who do not work with you anymore, you can inactivate them by clicking on the green circle in their line or remove them by clicking on Remove (3).


If you have any problems or questions with user management contact us directly.