2. Recommended levels

The YuMuuv formula is clearly built to find out who is active, but not necessarily the one who is very athletically capable (although they may be related).

  • 100%+ = exemplary active – a person who enjoys and values ​​an active lifestyle very much and is thus maximizing the health benefits associated with adequate exercise.
  • 85-99% = actively mobile – a person for whom a mobile lifestyle is an important value and who receives part of the positive effects of activity.
  • 70-84% = sufficiently active – a person whose level of activity is sufficient to experience the benefits of exercise to a certain extent, and who at the same time has the opportunity to increase its positive effect by increasing activity.
  • 55-69% = moderately active – a person who has moderate physical activity and who has the opportunity to see significantly more health-improving results by increasing activity.
  • 40-54% = low activity – a person to whom physical activity is rather a secondary area of ​​life, as a result of which the positive impact on quality of life resulting from sufficient exercise is not implemented.
  • 25-39% = dangerously passive – a person who has either a good reason for temporary inactivity or who has high health risks due to low activity.

* assumptions are valid only if the person wears a device that measures all 3 parameters on a daily basis

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