5. Data sync

Before connecting your phone with YuMuuv, make sure your phone is connected to your activity monitor. Otherwise, we will get data that your phone has tracked. If you do not have an activity monitor, you also can connect YuMuuv with your phone, but then you are not able to get activity minutes since we do not have your heart rate. 

If your service provider is connected correctly, the data syncs automatically, depending on your service provider. 

  • Google Fit syncs automatically when you open the YuMuuv app and also in background every hour.
  • Apple Health syncs automatically when you open the YuMuuv app.
  • Garmin syncs automatically (in few minutes) after you have synced your device with Garmin Connect.
  • Polar, Fitbit, and Suunto sync automatically once an hour.

If you want to sync your data manually, you can do it by opening Your details (1) and pressing Update your data (2)

Data sync 1
Data sync 2

If you have any problems with your data synchronization contact us directly.

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