Google Fit

Are you an Android device user and want to connect your Google Fit account to YuMuuv? Great, let's do it!

With an Activity Monitor

First of all, if you are using an activity monitor, make sure that is connected to your phone before you connect it to Google Fit. To clear the air a bit, your activity data will come to us via the Activity Monitor  Phone/Tablet  Google Fit  YuMuuv path. If one of these points is not connected, the journey will be broken and your data will not be reflected in YuMuuv.  Once you are sure your activity monitor and watch are connected, connect your phone to Google Fit. If you are having trouble connecting yourself, feel free to email our helpdesk at

Without an activity monitor

If you do not use an activity monitor, you can still connect yourself to YuMuuv - but do not be confused if YuMuuv only shows your steps and calories, because your activity minutes are based on your heart rate (and since your phone does not count heart rate these days, you will have zero minutes). To do this, unlock your phone from Google Fit, and then you will be able to link yourself to YuMuuv.

Now that you have got your activity monitor unplugged from Google Fit, it is time to connect to YuMuuv too. To do this, download the YuMuuv app from the App Store. After opening the app, select SIGN UP and enter your company code, email, and create your password. When you move to the next page, the app will ask for your provider preference - select Google Fit (1) and press NEXT (2)

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Next, Google Fit will ask which account you want to link yourself to on YuMuuv. Please make sure you connect to the account you have linked your activity to (3) - then your activity data will also be transferred to YuMuuv. 


Now comes a very important part - Google Fit will start asking you for permissions to send activity data to YuMuuv. Make sure you give Google Fit permission to send your steps, calories, and if you have an activity monitor, your heart rate to YuMuuv. And finally, click Allow (4). Moving on, some gaps will be automatically filled with information from Google Fit, but you need to fill in the blank ones.


It was that easy! If you have problems with data synchronization, you can read this article:

If you have any questions or problems, contact us at and we will find a solution!