You own a Fitbit activity monitor and would like to send your data to YuMuuv? Great, let's do it!

To have a powerful start, firstly you need to download our app. If you're an iOS user, YuMuuv can be downloaded from the App Store. But if you're an Android user then the Play Store is the place to find us. 

Connecting your Fitbit activity monitor to YuMuuv is very easy! First, check that Fitbit App is receiving the data from your activity monitor. If everything seems to be fine, select Fitbit (1) as your service provider and press NEXT (2), when creating an account in YuMuuv.


Now the most important part comes - Fitbit asks for permission to send YuMuuv your activity data. It is very important that you agree at least with Activity and Exercise and with Heart Rate (3), after click on ALLOW (4). Otherwise, YuMuuv will not reflect your movement. 


It was that easy! If you have problems with data synchronization, you can read this article:

But if you have any questions or problems, contact us at and we will find a solution!