We have made navigating in YuMuuv app really easy for you, but let's have a look!


On the Progress page, you can see your activity data. On top of the screen, you can change the period (1) of visible results - by clicking on the < you can see the past results and by clicking > move back to the present ones. Also right next to the arrows you can change the period from weekly to monthly or opposite. 

Under the period you switch the visible activity category (2) just by clicking on the one you want to see - you can choose between Steps, Calories, Minutes, or Activity %.



On top of the Activity page, you can change the period of visible challenges (3) - from past to future. Under those, you see the list of challenges during this period. More about the Activity page navigation read from Join/Leave.


By clicking on the challenge you can see the results of that goal. By opening the challenge, you will see the ranking of all your companys'/communitys' users, who have joined the challenge. Between the names, you see the green line (4) - being above the line shows that you are on the track to complete the goal by the end of the period. Above the ranking, you can switch the view to groups or countries. Also on the Activity page, you can filter the ranking table using a special filter button (5).
It is possible to filter users by their Department and Country. To leave the challenge view click on the < in the upper left corner or push any sheet in the bottom line. 



In the Statistics and Ranking sheets, you can see the results of your companys'/communitys' activity. On both of these sheets, if you are connected to more than one team, you can change the view of which one of them you want to see (6) from the left upper corner. 


Your details

Regardless of which sheet you are on, you will always see the circle with your initials in the right upper corner. By clicking on that, you will see the option Your details (7). Going to your details and by scrolling down you can manually sync your data, change service provider, edit your data, change your language selection, change password, see the companies & community you are participating in and also join another one. At the bottom you also can read our Privacy policy and delete your account.


If you have any problems with navigating in our app, contact us directly.